Simpson tells it like it is/

.....Read in the paper this morning, that there's a few present Bomber players who will be shown the door. Chad Simpson says that there are guys on the club who don't give a 'hoot' about winning AND that's pretty easy to see by some of the play. Well if that's the case and there are players who don't give a 'hoot' give them the boot. Chad says that management has had enough and is about to clean house. GOOD and I'm glad Simpson has taken it upon himself to say so. He's been in a super-bowl and most likely can spot players with a winning attitude and the ones who don't. This club is in bad need of repair. We have nothing to lose now as the season is a write off . T.C. will be starting early. John Bender (ni olineman) and an American o line guy are on their way to Wpg........ Could this be the start, hope so :thup:

In a my 40 plus years as a Bomber fan, I've never felt lower than I do now. I don't pretend to know as much as a GM or coach or even some of the fans on this forum, but you don't have to be a chicken to recognize an egg. Since Chad Simpson got here, I've noticed he plays with a lot of heart and never quits. I've said more than once that we should get the ball to him more often. So, I see no reason to disbelieve what he says. This news can't be a surprise to anyone involved with the team. My question is; What the hell are they waiting for? Dump these guys now. Get something if you can. Getting rid of a cancer is a gift unto itself, no other compensation is required. Play all the Canadian boys for the rest of the year in the spots left by the players let go. The experience will be worth it in the end. You don't need an import if you have an NI who's just as good. The import rule doesn't state that you have to play an X number of Americans, so here's a chance to do something different and let our Canadians develop at the same time...Players that impress me are # 1- Muamba, this guy is the best player on the team. Sign him long term. # 2- Watson, a tough receiver, still learning. # 3- Poblah- same as Watson. All 3 are NIs. My favourite import player is Simpson. He wants to play and win! Chad, if you're reading this, you've got a fan in Ontario.

.....As soon as the roster is expanded on Wed., we'll see some action....Ken Moll says he's bringing in o lineman Lee Barbiasz, 6'7"-305 recently of the nfl Jaguars, QB. R.J. Archer late cut of the nfl Lions and Jawann Westermen DB, brother of Jabar Westermen of the CFL Lions (the guy we tried to snag in the draft but were out manouevered by Wally) If he can play like his brother, he'll be a good one....So it has started...There's also rumours of a trade with the Leos...Wally is apparently very interested in a player on our roster...All I can say is, we better be very careful IF we deal with Buono....I want FAIR VALUE for someone we give-up ...Should get very interesting from now till the end of the year...I would like to see some of these guys in action, to guage whether or not they're worth a roster spot... AND yes ...give our Canadian kids like Kohlert some playing time, sure can't hurt :wink:

You got to know Wally is trying to move Eliminiam and/or Mitchell. Eliminiam is very interesting only if Muamba can be moved to another roster spot so possibly Mitchell is the guy??? Wally is likely looking for a proven receiver with AB3 and Geroy with chronic aches my guess is Edwards would be the guy he's looking for.

That's the problem with Elimimian. Everyone knows Buono'd like to move him but also everyone knows he's likely going to play out this year and try take another shot at the NFL next year. He's a solid MLB but his versatility to play the other LB spots if needed is also in doubt I think. This will hamper Wally's ability to move him, unless there's a team with a need or injury heading into the playoffs, and it would probably have to be an eastern team since he won't be thrilled at the idea of playing against him 3-4 times a year. Now if he got Elimimian signed to an extension, that would make him more appealing to another team. Specifically from the bombers stand point, since we're essentially out of the playoff picture, it makes no sense to trade anyone, including Edwards, for rental player that will last 5 games IMO, and one that came back to the CFL with a lingering hamstring injury from his NFL tryout at that. If I were to do that deal I would want a second conditional player to be named later if Elimimian heads back to the NFL in the offseason.

Chad Simpson I sure hope what you say happens.Also Chad I like the way you play and hope you have a good long career with the Bombers.