Simpson Should be Cut

The league doesn't need crap like this.... Way to wreck a good game you clown!!!

If anyone finds a replay for this, I wouldn't mind seeing it. I was getting another beer at the time. :oops:

Dude...that's what commercials are for...

... all Simpson had to do was tackle the dude.... Instead he gives him a suplex.... Like a real tough man can only suplex a termite like Dressler... Giveme a break

Finally saw the replay. Had to sit through 30 minutes of other highlights. :lol: The person who called it a suplex, yeah, that fits the definition of a suplex. That definitely deserved a flag.


It certainly deserved a flag, but I don't think any additional discipline is required. He basically sealed the win with that drive extending penalty, so I think that's more than enough punishment.

has he been released yet?


We'll probably have to wait until Monday to find out if anyone will be fined or suspended for this weekend's action.

It was a bonehead play, but releasing him for it? No... maybe some internal discipline by the Stamps should be sufficient. I'm sure his coaches let him hear about it when he got the bench, and will get more grief when they go over the video of the game in the coming week.

I doubt Huff will do anything. He lets Tate rant and does nothing about it. Got a huge chuckle out of the "Huff was a great QB" comment by the TSN panel last night. Ya ...... riighhhhht.

Agree. I've seen way worse. Flag is fine. Done.

Simpson's all right.

It was a german suplex, specifically.
I know my wrestling holds. Lol

In fact, upon further review, this might not even be a penalty.

There is nothing in the rulebook that I know of that says you can't throw the guy down. If that's a penalty, then every time a DB takes the legs out from under a receiver who goes vert for a jump ball should get a flag.

Simpson has a big grapple on Dressler and has halted his progress, in fact even pushing him backwards for several seconds, since there is no whistle, he must only assume that he'll have to get the guy on the ground, so he begins to roll him over and just as he starts that, the whistle blows, now his momentum is committed and over he goes, SLAM!

I think more than anything it's a late whistle. And whistle or no whistle I don't really see anything wrong with the tackle.

Specifically throwing him down, no, but the rulebook states:

In the ref's opinion, and many others here, it was penalized correctly.

Just watched it again. The whistle doesn't happen until Dressler's helmet is about 6 inches off the ground, so the tackle happened all before the whistle. What should Dressler have not anticipated on that play? You tell me.

I don't think anyone should expect to be dropped on their noggin that way. That's what.

That was pure chance. He wasn’t trying to drop him on his head, he was just trying to get him in the ground whichever way. In fact, Dressler probably only landed on his head due to his struggles to resist going down. Shit happens, players’ bodies twist into strange positions all the time. Simpson can’t be held responsible for all that all the time. At some point he has to be allowed to play defense with a little instinct.

That whistle was very late too, Simpson only threw him down because there was no whistle for an awfully long time. Progress had been halted for much more than a full second, closer to three seconds.

The more I watch this, the more I am convinced Simpson did nothing wrong on the play.

People often don't "try" to do things, but like you said, sh!t happens and they end up doing it. It's like in hockey - you're responsible for being in control of your stick, so even an accidental high stick can be penalized (if seen). Whether or not Simpson intended for Dressler to land on his head, it still happened, and Simpson was responsible for tackling him in an inappropriate manner, in the ref's opinion. When tackling, do it the right way, or risk getting flagged for it.

We just disagree on a right and wrong way of tackling and what a tackler should be held responsible for.

Players land on their heads all the time, 99% of those, nobody screams for a flag.