Simpson Officially a Rider!

Barrin Simpson is now officially a Rider!

:rockin: :rockin: :rockin:

yes! great signing, big help here!

Good signing by the Riders,despite what the Winnipeg fans think/say; still one of the best MLB in the CFL.

If I was a, my main concern would be at QB-2nd and 3rd-; if Duran gets hurt the season could be long. Could Kerry Joseph-at right price- or Buck Pierce be signed?

Anxious for July 1st for game between my Als and Riders.


Richard, I don't think you know our lineup as well as you might think. We've got this stud who I presume will turn out at no.2 qb named Graham Harrel. Check him out on youtube, he should fair well as a no.2 should DD get injured.

Didn't Harrell take some coaching job in the States or something?

Only an off season job.

Probably wrong thread, but since it's brought up again.

I know what you're saying, and tend to agree with you. I have said the same thing here. I have alot of hope in Harrell and Bergquist, but they would have no time to develop if "Murphy" happens to Durant, They would have to be

But the ship is sailed. Taman has pretty much said (as late as three days ago in the Leader Post), that they are near 75 players under contract, and the NFL draft is coming up. So, if we to pick up Kerry or Buck, or whoever, it would be at a cost of someone already under contract. He didn't completly rule out bringing in someone just in case, but he sure crinkled his nose at the idea. It looks like we got who we got. I don't argue that logic either. Harrell, born 1985, a young Heisman potential, (who threw for 5,100 yards and 45 TD's, with Texas Tech in 2008), versus KJ, born 1973, who threw for 4,100 and 17 TD's in 2008. Kerry is losing a step, regardless what debacles were going on with Toronto and coaching staff during 2008. 2009 was even worse for the amount he did manage to play. Buck, same debate, he is one hit away from forgetting his name. We may as well go to the mat with Harrell and Bergquist. After all, they ARE tomorrow's QB's. Kerry brings nostalgia, being he was the QB in our 2007 Grey Cup, but he played like crap druing that game.

But I've said it before, if KJ still has any wheels left, I would like to see him on the short yardage and gamble situations. There may be value there. Beats risking Harrell or Bergquist.

I just hope we see mostly Harrell and Bergquist during the preseason.

Before anyone mentions it, yes, my tune has changed a bit. I tend to more or less agree with the logic Taman is using here, but with a question mark.

You see this way I can say I was right all along, regardless of what happens! :smiley:

I would really like the Riders to talk to Ben Sankey. I think the guy is hugely underated and I doubt that he would cost much. Teams like to have four QB's in training camp and I think Sankey could be the answer. Let's give Harrel and Bergquist another year to develope before throwing them to the wolves.

He looked good a few years back for the Stamps, but it's anyone's guess how he looks now or if he's even in game shape.