Simpson not welcome..... the BB organization anymore...sad...

"To be honest, there hasn't been that much interest in him," said Kelly.

I think that quote about wraps up Kelly as a person... :roll:


I'd like to tell Lyle Bauer and Mike Kelly that they are no longer welcome instead. Will this gong show in the Peg ever end??? Is there any light at the end of the tunnel in Bomberland??? Is there anything to look forward to other than having our behinds handed to us week after week???

I can't see this team win another game.

There is a couple teams interested in Simpson but I think they want the Bombers to eat the cap money that means all they are being offered is a draft pick.

The question is if this team loses all or most of its remaining seven games do they keep Kelly ? From a business standpoint I think it would be difficult.

Please name me one team that is looking for a starting MLB who won't play unless he's on the field for every down on defense.

A bomber fan actually did it make it to the gong show... :lol: :lol: :lol:

Many of the true fans want Kelly gone now. Not at the end of the season, but now. We may win against Toronto this weekend. But that would be it. The remainder of the games would be losses. If the BBs win this weekend you will see the Kelly supporters blowing their horns as if they won the grey cup.

The other teams are waiting for Simpson to be cut from the team. Why give up talent when you can nab an all -star player and not give up anything. Kelly says their is no interest in Simpson. We will see once Simpson has been cut. Kelly will have more egg on his face.

That's the problem I have with Bomber fans right now. These annoying people with a severe crush on the worst coach in CFL history have turned me off the Bombers all together. Once this clown leaves and those Kelly die hards are expelled from Bomber land, Bombers will again be my second favourite team rather then my least favourite. Kelly has to go, he damages the team more and says more stupid things with each passing week.

Simpson will not be cut this season because the Bombers would still have to pay him. If another team offers something decent in return then he will be traded. If they don't, then the closest Simpson will be to a CFL game for the rest of this season is when he watches one on TV. BTW, not much interest and no interest are not the same thing.

And again, Kelly characterizes this as "the will of the locker room". In other words - it's somebody else's decision/fault, not mine.

Another non-decision by the Professor.

Hey, I'm not saying there are teams lining up to sign this guy... I just thought Kelly's comment was a bit of a low blow. Was that line really necessary? Answer: No. Kelly just felt like taking a jab at Simpson because he's immature.

Was Bryan Murray being immature when he said there wasn't a lot of interest in Dany Heatley? Did you consider that a low blow? People want to know why Simpson hasn't been trade yet. That's why.

....Simpson was asked to stay away from the club after being overheard 'dumping' on the organization to the newbies just coming in from Calgary....I'm sorry...that's bull$hit...One of the vets reported it to the Bomber brass and that was enough...The vet also said he'd 'punch Simpsons light out if it continued...I don't give a crap what anyone has to say about Kelly....he's got big shoulders ....but when you try to subvert the future of this team to newcomers that's over the line...Time for Barrin to take his act somewhere else...He requested a trade last year....they should've granted the great team-guy his wish at that time...Shades of when he left Wally and the leos...So long Simpson ...don't let the door hit ya....well you know :thdn: :wink:

From the Winnipeg Free Press:

According to two sources within the organization, the last straw came when Simpson was overheard making a sarcastic/derogatory comment about the organization to new players Odell Willis and Titus Ryan when they arrived after being acquired in Sunday's trade with Calgary. Simpson's remark so enraged one veteran player, he later met with head coach Mike Kelly and asked that he do something with Simpson 'before I punch him out.'

Now that the other half of the story is available does anyone want to change their opinions?

Not really. I never said Barrin Simpson was innocent. I just thought Kelly’s comment was dumb…

...i thought Kellys comment was 'well directed' after he heard what Simpson had to say to the new guys...Hey if you want to start dumping on an organization....expect some of the same :wink: ...All in all this is just another scene from As the Bombers Turn....I'll be glad when all of this extra-curricular drama quits and the team can concentrate on playing bloody football.... :twisted: we're just about there... :lol:

That organization needs an to bottom. I feel for the fans... :frowning:

Has there been a single week this year where the extra curricular off field stuff hasn't surfaced for the Bombers? It was somewhat over shadowed leading into the Labour Day game because the Bombers were coming off a huge win and there was a lot of talk about the game.

Considering we heard little to none of this last year, perhaps the problem isn't the players. I think the extra curricular stuff will end once Mr. Kelly is departed.

Friesen from the Sun has now reported on the matter as well:

The Winnipeg Blue Bombers have cleared out Barrin Simpson’s locker after the veteran linebacker had a locker-room run-in with defensive lineman Doug Brown, the Sun has learned.

Simpson had been on the outs with head coach Mike Kelly after demanding a trade a couple of weeks ago, but until now he’d been welcomed at practice.

That will change today, when the Bombers get back on the field to prepare for Saturday’s home game against Toronto.

The fact Simpson’s locker has been cleared out signals the end of his days around the team’s facilities.