Simpson/Ford 1 to punch at RB

Garrett played well in pre season but one consitant point for the Bombers during the second part of the season in the RB combo of Simpson and Ford. Simpson was the clear number one 1,000 yard rusher gaining 5 Plus yards up the middle on first downs often but after a punch of carries of breaking a big one he would tap out and enter Ford with the offense never missing a beat. The chemistry was there so why mess with success.
Canadians Volney and Woodson also having injury issues are bothon the 46 for opening day.
Both of there All star OTs are back and the interior young guys coninuing to gel through last season and continued through training camp.
I say run Bombers run. If they want to keep Buck healthy and hide the fact that even when healthy he is an avg starting CFL QB strong ground game and play action passing should be successful. good blocking SB like Watson veteran all star Edwards running pecise routes and throwing some bombs and jump balls to rookie of the year Matthews.