Simpson a Rider

according to CFL daily on Twitter, the Rider's have agreed to terms with free agent MLB Barrin Simpson.Good signing.

Another awesome move by Guru Taman.

So stoked. Welcome Mr Simpson.

Really?????? AWESOME!

Use him well, the Bomber's could use another Banjo Bowl Beating :wink:

The Riders have Farooz listed on the player roster but not Simpson. They have not issued a press release regarding either player.

according to CFLdaily on twitter, a deal is being worked out and has not been finalized as at first thought.There very likely will be a deal however barring last second break down.

Looks like Taman is trying to get some of the old gang back together, and I do mean 'old'.

So, you're saying they were born a year or 2 before the Bombers won their last cup, yeh I guess they are a little long in the tooth.

.....Good Luck with Barrin.....however, he better be starting or he could go off into a cornor and sulk and demand a trade :lol: Good locker room guy though... :wink:

Anybody who disagreed with The Professor and his "methods" is a guy I want on my team. Those sycophants who proclaimed all was well while floodwaters swirled hip-deep, you can keep those....

Nice !

If he has signed it's good news as MLB was one of the biggest question marks going into the season. McCullough does well when he gets in, but he's not a starting MLB in my opinion.

Simpson would be a very good addition to this defence!

I see you guys like signing old Bombers and coaches, might as well go ahead and sign Perry, since you have no defensive ends left.

Well, Perry's an old Rider, of course. We've got Kit Jones, Mike Stadnyk, Luc Mullinder and Joe Sykes at DE, so we're not horrible at the posittion....I don't know if Perry's got a good year left in him or not. He's been hurt a lot the last couple years so it's hard fora fan to judge.

Johnathon Brown was pretty impressive in his return with the Argho's.I was kinda hopin' the Cat's would sign him and Ian Smart but nothing yet.What a dull off-season :confused:

Heres hoping they dont put Kit Jones back at defensive end. He was terrible there a couple of seasons ago, and that is why the Riders traded him to Edmonton. Good special teams player, good as an outside linebacker, but is too small to play on the defensive line (although they rotated him in at defensive tackle last season).

I love the attitude he brings ALREADY. He will be the key to our D. Now, if our DB's can click without Davis ( Omar becomes the go to vet ? ) - We'll surely be fine.

I'm liking Simpson more and more...

Kit is more of a situational rusher/olb. It was neat watching him at DT though..he obviously wasn't going to bull rush his way to the qb but they used him on stunts and dropped him to spy. That is a nice wrinkle to throw at the shotgun draw play 'should' cliche as it may be, his heart can't be measured and his energy and intensity flows throughout the team. Hopefully Barrin can bring the leadership and stability in the middle. As it has been said, Mike is a good roatation guy but definitely not a starter. Also, if he can mentor the kids like Stewart and Freeman, that will be well worth the signing in itself.

Brown hasn't signed anywhere yet has he?