Simply pitiful

This is ridiculous the defence is playing like shit. This team is really cutting off their nose to spite their face. Almondo Curry can tackle Marc Megna does not have any injury that he would not play through WHY ARE THESE GUYS SITTING!!!

Where is the tackling they arent even trying anymore this is the second consecutive game where the defence is blowing tackles! What happened to our blitz we did not sack allen once!

Why is Watkins our go to guy?!? this guy couldnt hang on to a pass if his life depended on it.

someones is going through pms , might wanna look into it . ALS SUCK

I agree on all those points Mada, Matthews is making wierd and stubborn decisions and the D sucks right now. The team is not motivated for some reason.

I agree about Watkins He dropped a couple more again tonight

Such great receivers on the als too, stala, vaughn ( i still miss him ) Cahoon, why watkins? i dont understand AC right now, he calls his own plays doesnt he? id try to get to the ball to cahoon and vaughn more, these guys are PLAYMAKERS! Trade Cahoon to Edmonton for some of our defensive back up back up guys, come on! i know you wanna!

Cahoon is not a deep paternt reciever... He's a sick quick hit reciever who runs amazing patern but he's not gonna run by you. This is why the Als are sucking...

This is the end of the Als times.

And the beginning of the Renegades era!!!

I really think the main issue is the lack of any form of pass rush by Montreal's D. Opposing QBs are getting all kinds of time to throw the ball even when the Als rush 7. They tried something different tonight by rushing 4 or sometimes even 3, but again the lack of a pass rush killed them. Allen could simply stand around and wait for a reciever to get open.

The Als really look bad this year. I really don't pity you guys though. I really would be quite happy if Montreal missed the playoffs this year.

.......The Don has been tuned out by his players........hell, it looks on TV like he's tuned himself out he looks so droopy-eyed all the happens after some time, that a coach can't motivate his players, and it looks like it may be time for Sleepy to begin collecting the personal things in his office into a neat manageble pile........

The Als don't have to be in first place all year to get to the Grey Cup. They just need to stay ahead of Hamilton and Ottawa. I just don't see that being a problem. No offense to those guys.

The top seed didn't help them last year, and the second seed didn't hurt Toronto. I say let somebody else tire themselves out being the frontrunner all year. Just get the tackling problems fixed, and wait for the playoffs.

It was truly a pitiful performance. On defence, it wasn't just the bad tacking, it was that the team has gone away from the high risk high reward defence we have all come to know and love; where was the stacking of 7,8, and 9 guys on the D line? The announcers were saying that the Als only did that on second and long and since the Argos were getting good first down production, could not use it; that's nonsense, we used that high pressure defence all year last two years regardless of down and distance. And what's with the three-man rush???? QBs like Allen will (and did) pick you apart you play like that!

We need to see more of Vaughn, Cahoon, and Cavil and less of Watkins.....anyone know if Thyron Anderson is going to make it in the NFL and if he doesn't will he return?

end of an era!

I live near New Orleans, and there hasn't been a single word written or spoken about Anderson. That tells me the team sees him as a long shot. The Saints just started training camp, so there's plenty of time for his talents to shine, but the Saints coaches have a way of ignoring players they don't know much about. I personally watched Marc Bulger stand on the side all preseason without even getting a snap in practice before being cut a few years ago.

I wish the best for Thyron, but it sure would be nice to have his deep threat back in our offence, wouldn't it?