simply disgusting

Chris Schultz iswas the ideal body size and shape for and o-lineman. Most of these guys with the big guts are simply disgusting. There should be a body fat limit for being able to play in the CFL

Well, when I watch the game again, I'll see if I can pick out who drew THAT comment... :lol:

Their should be a body fat /weight limit for people who watch CFL football to .... Ok I gotta go now . :wink:

ya might have something there :wink:

Oh come on.....Fat people shouldn't be so lucky not to see flags,punts, and no touchdowns

Seriously? We're calling down athletes and fans based on their BMI now? Grow up...

actually, that would be about 3 out of 5 olinemen on any team.

at least the cfl guys are not as bad as most of the NFL guys.

As for us fat watchers, well as least we are not on TV :wink:

I honestly don't care how much of a gut they got if they are protecting the QB or getting sacks. Next you're going to complain about Roy Nelson in the UFC.


Anyone remember Nick Benjamin, the O-lineman who chased down a defensive player who intercepted the ball. After they both ran almost half the field, Nick caught him from behind. You can bet ole Nick didn't have such a tub for a gut. That's my kind of player.

A shame Nick died so young.

Agreed the 300+ lbs O-lineman does illicit laughter when they are called "athletes", however, the position is far more than just height and weight. Take it from someone who was a very skinny high school DT and lining up across from tackles and guards who had 6" in height and as much as 100 lbs on me, that alone was not enough to stop me getting into the backfield. Skill and technique is still a huge part of the position, size is just a nice bonus, but if these guys don't have the skill they don't get the spot on the team.

Quite the contrary now-a-days.

Most linemen these days are a lot more athletic then they were in say the 70’s thru the 90’s. I watched many CFL games at the stadiums in the 70’s at ground level, there were no security guards in those days to tell us to go away.

I tell you most linemen in those days were very big and very slow.

When one thinks of an athlete you don't expect to see someone with a fat beer gut being called a "professional" athlete. It does seem contradictory.

Ah, gotta love those people who, from the anonymous safety of their computer / tablet / phone screens, feel entitled to judge how other people’s bodies should look. Don’t project your weird, repressive body image issues onto others. If you find certain bodies “disgusting,” that says a lot about your neuroses, and very little about the targets of your venom.

I agree and if people are that upset, there is a simple solution , don't' watch! Turn it off and go for a jog :smiley:

I don't care how people look when they are not playing professional ball. I just like watching athletes play, not blobs like me.

and its not a matter of being upset. Its just an opinion.