simply disgusting #2

The overall play. The yr with new stadiums, tv deal and trying to get more American to watch and the CFL has the worst games I have ever seen. That montreal game a week or so ago, if that was the 1st game I had ever seen, I would never watch another one. Pure HS football being played by these so called professional players. Totally disgusted.

i wouldn't go that far buddy.

CFL players are some of the greatest athletes in all of sports. MLB, NBA, NFL, NHL, CFL. Those are the greatest athletes in the world. PERIOD! no other sport/game even comes close.

Possibly you don't have the sports knowledge of this. And it goes deeper than knowing who the starting QB is for the Calgary Stampeders.

The CFL will now be kicking into high gear. Some of the play relies heavily on situations and it's been tough for about 5 teams. You even have Winnipeg and Edmonton who have been battling through so much controversy even when winning.

things calm down. and then BOOM you will get the season underway and things fall into place.

Overall without doubt this has been the least exciting starts to a CFL season in years. The odd good news story like the start for Edmonton and Calgary, better play from the Bombers and Ottawa winning their home opener - but other than that very few exciting games and more one-sided routs than we have seen in quite a while.

This past weekend the four losing teams scored an average of just 8 points! That's brutal!

Even the biggest fan would have to admit there's been a TON of crappy football played so far this year.

well, I have enjoyed most games. Specially the last game.

The biggest thing I haven’t enjoy is argo injuries.

Such is the price to make Ottawa competitive out the gate.

Any effort made to help Ottawa or any new franchise is a good idea in my book. Also anything to encourage more people to be interested in being fans is a good idea. Unfortunate to see the Argos again with low attendance despite having a great stadium and a decent team.

This year both the play and attendance has been dominated by the western teams.

I am such a CFL die-hard that I will watch the games no matter how boring. I think the CFL will do well in the television realm this year. And that in large part is attributed to the presence of the total dumbed down trash that passes for entertainment on TV. I'm referring the non-sports content on TV.

One thing a do dis-like a bit is all these re-cycled quarterbacks, especially in the Eastern conference. For the 2014 season some of these quarterbacks are older than some of the coaching staff.

I's like to see more of the older quarterbacks retire and let the new guys try their hand at it.

I say this every year.

And every year I get 100 people telling me to stfu!

More pre season = less sloppy football in July.

This year I must agree that the quality of play is noticeably worse than usual. Dumb penalties, sloppy tackling, dropped passes. The penalties are the worst. So many offsides. The players aren;t ready to play. ONE extra preseason game please so that the caches can actually use one to tune up for the season instead of cramming in the evaluation of 70 guys into 6 quarters.

If you don;t like watching pre season, then don't watch. It won't make the regular season any shorter.