Simply amazing

Here we go folks.
1 game 2 threads.
I thread says the refs were biased in favor of the eskies.
The other says the refs were biased in favor of the riders.

What's a poor referee supposed to do. :roll:

The only thing amazing is a moderator so rattled by all this.

they should send 1 apology letter to each team, problem solved :slight_smile:

Why am I ratteled?
Just posting the facts here.
And not a foul word yet unlike some folks

.....good one ro.........let unreal and kk bask in their dreamworld........

Yeah but all this complaining won't have gone to waste if the Riders win the GC. We still have a chance even if there is a slim chance we can still try to make you guys miserable before then. If we lose we look like fools anyways so we have nothing to lose by acting like asses prior.

.....except that absolutely nobody will take you seriously until then, or even after.....act like an ass prior, and your credibility is shot.

What credibility did we have in the first place?

what the man says is true, I joined and because i was a rider fan i didn't have any credibility. Do I even have credibility now?

but anyway im going to continue on with class

I have class too, but to have class you be an an ass at times and spout off. Even Roy Shivers must say things he does not mean to get the people riled up; for better or for worse as we saw in the Calgary game earlier this year.

I don't feel like rileing people up at this point in time, it could come back to bite very hard.

........there are just so many things plain wrong in this post I'm not gonna even touch it....anyone else care to?........

How bad could that bite be? Worse than the 2003 West Final? Worse than the 2004 West Final? I don’t think so.

I'm not going to touch that one either, R&W.....let me just say that some people have absolutely no right to complain when fans of other teams jump all over them and call them whiners. It's just too bad that some ruin it for others.....

.....unreal now you're not even making sense.......time to put the CR and Coke down and head for the showers......

The point of my thread was.
No matter what the refs do or call someone out there will complain that they are not doing their jobs or cry bad officiating.

The proof is right here tonight. Fans from both teams are saying they were biased towards the other team. NO matter how good a game they call someone will not be happy, it a guarentee. Someone will always claim there was a holding call or something that was missed.

The refs are dammed if the do and dammed if they dont.

Until instant replay that is.

I know what the point was, and I agree. One way to avoid this is for reffing to improve that way noone can complain about anything. (and instant replay, hurry up and bring it in)

Yes it must impove and soon but you know as well as I do that people will complain no matter what. The will tape the game and play it over and over backwards and forwards looking for something to complain about.

Remember the Avery fumble. One guy claimed to have sent a tape to a friend in the states to be analized.

I kid you not.

LOL ok thats having to much time on ones hands. Complaints are a part of the game, but the refs are giving way to much material. Improvement in reffing and people will find other things to complain about(Coaching, someone with bad hands, an interection, blame the kicker) which would at least be in their respective teams forum.