Simple suggestion that all fans can do to raise the profile of the CFL


Get all TSN stations anyway you can and there be no problem

CBC sucks

then let ctv brodcast games
to get tsn u need cable or telco connection for which u must pay every month

so…smoke a pack a day less.

Don’t be a cheapskate.

Got to pay for it somehow

dont smoke
dont like contracts and ota picture is actually clearer

I love it and its so simple.
As they do in the NFL. have the starting players be pretaped with them announcing their starting position & Wat University they are from.

most of us pay for the privilege of watching the games.

Don’t pay, don’t watch. Your choice.

ah yes, the musings of one that is able bodied
who cares about those that are handicapped for whom it is difficult to attend games, yet still want to support the cfl

…having known him for many years I can tell you FYB is hardly the type of person to do that so don’t spin it that way…

…the CFL is an entertainment business, expecting that entertainment to be delivered to you for free is unreasonable…