Simple request

Just a simple request all:

Win or lose, lets make sure we show how much class Rider fans have. No whining if we lose, no in your face smart-mouthing if we win. I know we will be baited by certain BC posters if we lose and it will be incredibly tempting to rub it in their faces if we win but let's try to leave the 5 year old antics to you know who.


To the Riders and all their fans, the very best of luck on Sunday. Will be pulling for you to win it.

Yeah, especially if we win. Dont become some of the 'arrogant others'...

It is a simple request indeed. I'll do my part.

I truly hope you guys can beat BC and Wpg can beat Toronto. A Sask/Wpg Grey Cup would be awesome. This year could be our best shot. There is a lot of talk about Ottawa returning the CFL as early as next year. That may be a bit ambitious but if that does happen, I would think Winnipeg would return to the west. If that happens, there goes a future chance of a Sask/Wpg Grey Cup. In any event, all the best in beating BC.



Dust, Love your return for the TD. That's neat. Get lots them on Sunday against BC.

100% on board. Do unto others as you would like done to yourself.

agreed - the overall decorum on the boards has sunk lately. If our riders win - be happy and proud! If they loose celebrate a great season that shows this is a team that is on the way up.

If the Lions posters start a thread choose not to feed it - ignore it.
If the Riders win commit to not posting any sore winners threads.

Let the Rider fans lead by example!

Good luck to you rider fans. I'll be chearing strongly for you. Lets hope you win. And you are right as far as all the crap thats being going on in the general forum. I don't think they will let up though wheather they win or loose. Quite a few should be serving a suspension on the forums already.

Good to hear. I'll do my part. Win or lose, congrats will be in order for a good season.

I might gloat a little bit especially to Turkey but I'll keep it clean.

It would be tempting to post a thread with the subject “IN YOUR FACE” if we win, but I think I will be too busy preparing for my Grey Cup party (and subsequent victory celebration) to worry about any other team or their fans…besides, my Mum taught me if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything which is why I do my best to bite my tongue (or my typing fingers) on the nasty forums of late. I hope its a real good game. Both of these teams have had great seasons…here’s to whoever can tip the scales…


kidding. I will do my part

"IN YOUR FACE" for which team. There has been alot of animosity on this site as of late.

I know the posters on this site are passionate about their teams but even as level headed as I am, wouldn't it be nice to post "IN YOUR FACE"? Very classy of Riders fans to start this thread and have people on board. I commend you.

Lions fans want to shut Riders fans up and Riders fans want to shut Lions fans up.

Personally, I can take what anyone dishes out without getting personal.

Good Luck to both teams and may the best team win.

Excellent post, BigU, and I completely agree. :smiley:

In other words, act and behave as 98.6% of Riders fans normally do?

Not a problem!!

I think this needs to be bumped to the top as a reminder...

Amen! Let's drink to this thread!

We might as well eat too...