Simple motor/attentional neurological test if anyone would try this for me

Seriously, I do hope we offered some help.

And of course by all means continue with the research and may everything work out for the better.

Having recovered from a totally different ailment/situation during COVID not related to the pandemic but with woeful timing as well, I understand some of this feeling though I feel the most for those fighting terminal illness and these mysterious things that pop up with time.


Yes this has helped, thanks to all, although I was hoping, in a way but not really because I don't want anyone to have a health problem, that someone would not be able to do these tests.

But fortunately I'm doing ok, my cognition is good enough with the neuropsych tests I've done that I can continue to drive and function independently, it's more the motor problems and gait issues that come and go but not enough to be in a wheelchair, just have to use my walker here and there like going into the grocery store and that. See my neurologist next month so we'll see.


Aerial keep up the good fight, as we spoke before I too have ADHD & Dyslexia, I'm sure my wife would say that's the least of my issues. lol.

Throughout my family and extended family we have a myriad of illnesses. Try to be positive, breakthroughs happen all the time. I hope this happens with your health conditions as well. :+1:


I'm old, but I did the test and passed!!

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So stick your tongue out for.....look a squirrel!!

I got a whole cocktail of not good featuring anxiety disorders, executive function problems, working memory problems, and a long list of other fun stuff. Not to mention that its so variable day to day and hour to hour.

When it really really sucks? When you can't watch hockey....especially game 7 in the playoffs.......


You might find some info in this article interesting and worthwhile:


Maja Kojović, MD, PhD1* and Kailash P. Bhatia, MD, FRCP,2

"It is not know if motor impersistence affects patients day to day functioning. For example, gaze impersistence may interfere with ophthalmological workup, due to patient’s inability to fixate the gaze. Motor impersistence should not be mistaken for uncooperativeness during rehabilitation [54]"

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Sorry I was kidding a little.... I have some trauma in my past. With it you get your own personal cocktail of problems. My everyday starts with making breakfast to find where I am on the SUDS scale. When I am running too close to the top there are times my motor skills and focus are affected. It's psychological though, not neurological.

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Interesting that in neurological conditions like Parkinson's tremor, it has been reported in the literature that some patients are able to have some conscious control, see below, over the tremor:

Volitional Suppression of Parkinsonian Resting Tremor

One other thing I wanted to mention was traumatic brain injury diagnosis and I may as well include this here. Of course TBI is a very sports related issue and obtaining a diagnosis isn't always straightforward but this article may be of interest to some here with diagnosis. I've also attached a copy of my radiologist report for my brain SPECT scan for people to have an idea about how a radiologist reports on such a scan. So reduced tracer uptake means that the areas mentioned, basal ganglia and prefrontal cortex in an asymmetric manner, are not functioning properly ie receiving the blood flow necessary for proper cell functioning. However equivocal findings mean that any specific diagnosis from this scan isn't possible however it does mean that this points to an organic cause of my problems compared with a psychogenic or psychsomatic cause which would show a normal finding on the scan which isn't my case. But bottom line for those with some head injuries from sports whatever and the medical system is saying it's just "all in your head" or "psychosomatic" or you're faking your symptoms to get out of work sort of thing, ie nothing physically wrong and they have only done a structural scan like a CT or MRI, push hard for a SPECT scan or PET scan for further information :