Simoni ... Where are you?

Where Oh Where are you ? What's wrong ?

6-game IL with a lower-body injury.
Easily found on the team's roster page.



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Some sort of knee injury to be specific


Thanx ! ... That's what I was looking for.
(but " lower- body injury " really doesn't tell much ... and ' the team's roster page ' doesn't really specify)

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Your welcome, it says knee injury on injury reports and i seen him with a brace / compression type sleeve on his leg right after the injury happened

Well, without being able to speak to Simoni, or without being a team insider, all we have to go on is the report FROM THE TEAM of a "lower-body injury", and the fact that the team's roster page on the team's website lists him on the 6-game Injured Reserve. Go to, click the "Team" link, and then click "Roster". Every player on the team - active roster, practice roster, 1-game IL, 6-game IL, and the suspended list.

Thanks to @Ticatfan94 for the report. I was fearing it was another hip/groin injury, as they can take a LONG time to heal.

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Your welcome, can go by the injury reports too which did say knee injury , since that info was provided by the team to the league

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