Simoni vs Streveler - Part II

Its going to be interesting to see how the Simoni - Streveler battle continues.

In part one, in the first meeting between the teams in 2018; Streveler was coming off a pretty big game- but then he ran into Simoni. The two were quite animated with Simoni taking Streveler down and kept giving him the “feed me” motion.

Now Streveler is back at Qb for Bombers, has a few more starts under his belt and is playing at home. In his last game at home against a cocky riders team, Streveler and team gave beat down.

Simoni needs to bring his A game to repeat history.

I’m not worried about Simoni. My concern is if Tuggle will be able to plug up the middle once Streveler tucks the ball in and starts to bulldoze his way down the field.

A lot of talk this year about Tuggle being out of position quite often. I’m not sure if he’s just following Coach Washington’s scheme or he just doesn’t read and react quick enough.

Tuggle better bring his A-game because with Winnipeg they’ve got the dual running threat of Streveler and Harris.

I don’t know if Washington respects Streveler’s arm but he is likely to use a lot of Cover 1 or even Cover 0 in his schemes. That way even if Streveler escapes the pocket then he won’t get very far.

Should be a very interesting matchup. :slight_smile:

Simoni is under such a large magnifying glass, that hard clean hits could get a penalty called.

Yup . The way things are going with Simoni this season if he so much as breathes or sneezes on Streveler too hard you can guarantee that the flags will be flying . It’s the price you pay I guess when you have an notorious Axe murderer in your lineup .

Hey Bobo, let me axe you this . Is it time for Simoni to change his number to 88 ? Ralph Goldston had to change his #21 to 88 because of zebra harassment .

Pat Lynch ( the old Goldston and Eddie Macon fan )

As long as he doesn’t change it to #68 I think he might just have a chance of fooling them zebras .;D

Simoni just nailed Streveler!

Simoni - 2
Harris - 0

Public enemy number one sets a record. 11 wins before October. You can’t make this stuff up

Simoni was a one man wrecking crew tonight.

So many questions marks, not enough time to discuss them all.

"Have Tabbies peaked too soon ?..Steinauer should be concerned "

Have to run the ball in November, can’t be one dimensional.

We love what Strevler is doing right now in a losing cause… Blah blah MOP Harris blah blah.

Time to buy a Simoni jersey.

I think his mouth gets into player’s heads as much as his tackling. ;D

There was one point during the broadcast where the camera was on Simoni for a good 10-15 seconds and he was yacking non-stop at anybody who was within earshot.

All that noise he makes probably helps wear down the opposition. :slight_smile:

Thought you were talking about Suitor for a minute there.

Suitor’s non stop yakety-yak about how dirty Simoni is wears me down.

He went way overboard tonight, someone needs to tell him to get over it. He is so unprofessional. Just call the game or shut up.


Could equally apply to Black.