Simoni’s Hit on Zach and the Two Game Suspension

Burris is calling for action ! Our old buddy !

Listened to Simoni post game, what a messed up, out of control nut job.
If he doesn’t sit for at least four I will be surprised…

I think the CFL will give him a 4-5 game suspension. It was the first regular season game in the CFL and the CFL needs to set the tone that these kind of hits to the head is just unacceptable. Don’t get me wrong, I love Simoni Lawrence and a lot of times he just plays with passion and heart, but he gave Collaros who is prone to concussions a late hit. That could have taken him out permanently out of football.

I can see Chris Frey filling in his spot for the next 4-5 games.

Come on buddy when you are an elite D player like Simoni you play on the EDGE every down with split seconds to spare thy QB , come on this player has a history with Zach and just went in the record on TSN with an apology so don’t send out the Linch Mob ! Funny how the entire Biased TSN Panel wants one

Why should he sit for four when he has no history consistently taking cheap shots - like the now departed (from the league) Kyries Hebert? I’m not even sure if Simoni has been fined in the past for questionable plays.

No doubt he should NOT have made that hit but one game for a first time offender is adequate IMO. Especially since the player that really hit Zach early last season (can’t remember who or even what team) wasn’t given any kind of suspension. That hit was more blatant as I recall.

Four to five games for a first time offender when a player who pushes over an official just gets a slap on the hand and has his suspension excused. Don’t think so.
If it was a repeat offender who’s already had a suspension or two in the past for dirty or questionable hits, then more than one game would be the right reaction. If you start suspending first time offenders four or five games, then what kind of punishment will be left for repeat offenders? Can’t take away their livelihood completely.

No chance 4-5 games. Maybe 1, appealed to a fine.

Well if Simoni apologized and feels so bad about it then he’ll accept his punishment and not appeal, right?

Herbert had a long history of being a dirty player before he got 2 games. Simoni will get 1, if any. Similar hits in the past have only been fined.
If Collaros didn’t have a concussion history, he may not have been injured by that play, and then we wouldn’t even be talking about a suspension. Still, it was late and dirty, and Collaros may have just played his last game, so I do think a suspension is imminent and deserved.

Totally agree!

Ya that’s not how it works. There’s a PA for a reason, it’s to appeal.

Cut the bum!! that’s all…

I keep thinking of the very not politically correct Louis CK joke “Of course… But maybe”

Like of course that was an illegal hit and totally unsportsmanlike and we should be mad at Simoni…

but maybe, If Collaros stayed in the game Saskatchewan wins and really I mostly care about the Ticats winning games so maybe I Like Simoni even more now cause all game long I get mad and scream at the tv for someone to break an arm out there and I actually secretly love watching ex Ticats get smashed around hard so deep I’m down I’m actually kinda ok with it.

Cut that nicname you chose.

True. Similar hits have only been fined but that has to change. A more severe punishment would help cut down on these type of dirty headshots.

Collaros concussion history should have no bearing on Simoni’s punishment. Whether his hit caused Zach’s first concussion or fifth. Simoni still ended up injuring Zach’s head through negligence and is therefore responsible.

I love that bit by Louis CK but there is no way that I could wish ill will on an opposing player just so my team can win. I would rather my team wins fair and square.

Could you seriously wish Zach a lifetime of head trauma symptoms just so the Cats get a couple more points in the standings? :o

Elite D player as in DIRTY, that what you mean? Lawrence clearly could have backed off. Even you can see that if you cared to look at replays without the gold and black glasses on! No excuse, Simoni did what he did because he wanted to nothing to do with being “in motion? which is just an excuse for trying to get league to ease off on him.
4-5 games would be fair but I’d like to see more!

Lawrence isn’t a first time offender, and thatz only for what he got caught for!

Haha it’s the joke, really the funny part of the whole joke is of course there’s a way we should all feel and it’s the right way and its the only way everything in the world makes sense but maybe…just maybe theres another feeling deep inside that maybe we just keep to ourselves cause it’s horrible or we know it’s offensive to most but also kinda makes sense

Lawrence should have been ejected from the game. Not sure why he wasn’t.

I expect the league will suspend him for three games for the head shot. The league will want to send a clear message to players that headhunting is jeopardizing the health/career of the victim, and is unacceptable.

I can’t see Collaros playing ever again. He’s now had what, 3-5 massive head shots in the past three years?