Simoni Lawrence

So another Rider injured by this guy. Why doesn’t the league doesn’t do something about him. He plays with no regard for other players and their livelihood. Years back I made a similar post.

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If you are talking about Shaq Evans, that was a total freak play. Not Simoni's fault at all.


I disagree. He wasn’t going to stop Fajardo just flies around with abandonment. This happens slot with him. After he injured Collaros years back he injured another player not long after that. Over the years I’m sure he’s done in a number of them.

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I urge you to watch it again before you start a poopstorm. The play in question was Fajardo's touchdown run 2nd quarter so it is CLEARLY shown from two angles on the game tracker video tab game recap.

Evans is blocking out his man right near the sideline at about the Hamilton 2 yard line. Cody finds a crease behind him and leaps through. Simoni dives for Fajardo, gets a small piece of him and rolls into the back of Shaq's legs. It's a football play. Unfortunate that someone got hurt but there is absolutely nothing wrong with the play.

Reputation or not, Simoni Lawrence is INNOCENT on this play - 100%.


If an opponent is constantly injuring players on the Riders as you claim, then it’s the Riders fault for not doing something about it.

Why would you let an opponent physically dominate you to the point of injury and then leave it up to the league to “punish” him with a couple hundred dollars in fines?

Extremely easy - - and brutally effective - - way to put an end to cheap shots and dirty hits is to cut the guys knees. Ideally, have a teammate engage him with a block while another goes for the knees.

I will 100% guarantee you’ll never ever have a problem with said player injuring people on your team again after that.

A high-low. Yea that's a low down rotten thing to do. I wouldn't do it because I'm not you know, how would one put it? ... a total f'ing b-hole?


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