Simoni Lawrence

News flash for Dunk and 3downnation

Simoni is a passionate guy!!

He is the Heart and Soul of the TiCats, He doesn’t hold it back, it is on his sleeve, always
I watched him inconsolably openly cry on national TV at the end of that season ending East Final game last season in November in Ottawa. It is what makes him tick and we all love him for it.

So when I read this, I wondered what these guys just don’t quite understand?

Oh Ya, It is his birthday today!

It’s just Drew stirring up click-bait articles for 3DN. I guess any journalistic integrity left him since he’s been absent from the Spec…

Actually, it was Dunc

Actually no , it was both of them . Dunk stirred the pot and Drew wrote about it .

Can’t believe Drew took time off from ranking Liberty’s recruiting class to write this

Media loves to circle the wagons when they figure they’re being attacked as they are our moral and intellectual superiors.

P.S. I also wept openly after the East Final.

Simoni just needs to calm the hell down and enjoy his birthday. Some guy said/posted an opinion about him on social media. Big Deal!!!

We’ve seen quite a few posts around here saying the same thing as Dunk. Some might feel that the Cats can sign a younger, cheaper linebacker. I happen to disagree and would love to have Simoni back for another couple of seasons. His passion and leadership would be hard to replace.

Ultimately it will be Ticat management that decides Simoni’s worth. Not some dudes on the internet.

With some players getting big raises, the team will have to save money somewhere. Can’t just pay everyone more, year after year.

I don’t know how accurate it is to assume that Simoni’s market value is higher now than it was whenever he signed his last contract. He’s that much older, and perhaps not as dominating as he was. Other teams play under the constraints of the same salary cap.

Fun fact: Simoni is the same age as Unamba, and younger than Dean.

Nah! It’s just a football game. Last time I did that was when I was a kid and watched Warren Moon surgically carve up the Cats 48-10 in the 1980 Grey Cup. ;D

Exactly. So why is Simoni targetted for age but not the other two?

Can’t praise his passion then turn around and tut-tut his push back.

With technology it’s a two way street now and media/ big tech hates it…it’s why comment sections are increasingly scarce…twitter accounts mysteriously and unfairly suspended.

Actually I think that is because comment sections have come to be dominated by hate and trolling under the shroud of anonymity.

Media outlets, like most businesses, would love to see a constructive and interesting dialogue with their readers/customers, but as with many things, the malevolent minority tends to ruin it for the rest.

And it’s also because they hate having their narratives questioned and un professionalism and bias revealed.

If I recall your previous tagline alluded to all of this. :slight_smile:

Yeah but passion for something and having a thick skin against criticism does not have to be mutually exclusive.

Passionate about his job. Comments triggered it. You want passion this is what you get.

Simoni had issues with Dunk saying this publicly on the radio and told him that no one knows how much he is being paid or wants to be paid and he obviously doesn’t know how old he is.(30 today)

CFL News@CFL_News
.@JDunk12 - “I feel it might be a shocker for some people but there is some sentiment out there that the price tag for Simoni Lawrence could be a lot higher than the #Ticats are willing to pay him as he gets a little bit up there in age.” #CFL via @jimtatti & @TSN_LouisB
2:28 PM - Jan 31, 2019

So he personally(thru twitter) told him what he thought of him and how he does things.

Happy Birthday Simoni!

May you come back and passionately smash and ground opposing running backs on first contact.


…probably because he looks like a shell of his former explosive, gamechanging self…

he used to be dollar for dollar the most exciting cat on the field, hurdling Olines, batting passes out of the air, diving for tipped picks…

he’s turned into a slower and much less interesting, albeit, very good player.

Part of that might be system related, who knows, but Dean and Unamba look a whole lot faster and impactful out there.

Obviously doesn’t take into account the fact he’s clearly a very vocal leader on this team.