Simoni Lawrence

Former Ti-Cats LB Simoni Lawrence has been released by the Vikings. He is both an NFL & CFL free agent.

Very interesting. He had said that outside of giving the NFL a try, he'd like to re-sign & stay in Hamilton. We'll see if he's going to continue to pursue the NFL dream or if he'll return to the CFL ... and if so where!

I'm going to say that Hamilton won't get into a bidding war for his services. Bowman is the projected WILL LB in my mind.

Interesting news Bruce,can you perhaps give us a link for confirmation ? It might just explain why Austin dumped Isaac,perhaps he knew of this ahead of time,and is set on resigning Lawrence if he so inclines to come back to the CFL. It would be nice to see him back in black "n" gold again this season.

Lots of various mentions of it on Twitter … Here’s one of them …

CFL News ?@CFL_News 11m
Former #Ticats LB @Simoni_Lawrence released by #Vikings. Lawrence a free agent & can join any #NFL or #CFL team.

Also tweeted by Drew Edwards & Rick Zamperin etc, etc,

Oh that really sucks for him. He was so excited. I'm pretty sure he had interest from several teams, so he might end up in the NFL. If he comes back to the CFL I hope it's here. If not, life goes on.

Thanx Fender!!!! It's confirmed :smiley: Wow though I wonder what happened with him?? He didn't even make it to training camp with the Vikes. It would be nice to have him back,although like you say he's free to the highest bidder and could wind up elsewhere(hopefully not with the Blah team in Tronna :thdn:) IMO it would give us one of the best linebacking crews in the league if Austin can get him back here.SAM=Rico Murray/Eric Harris....MIKE=Abraham Kromah/Fred Plesius.....WILL=Simoni Lawrence/Marcellus Bowman along with special team demon Marc Beswick rounding out the crew :smiley: :thup:

I hope we can sign him back!
Sign Simoni and draft Andrew Lue. :thup: :rockin:

:rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :D :D :D :D :D :thup: :thup: :thup: :thup: :thup:

CFL Draft Tonight 7:00 p.m. And with the 9th pick over-all,the Hamilton Ti-Cats select Andrew Lue from Queens University!!!!!
I hope to god that we hear this tonight,if not at 9th than at 11th.The Cats have 3 of the first 17 selections this year..9th/11th/17th.Look for the Cats to hopefully draft in those 3 selections a db,fb/te or rb(Coombs) and a lb.(Chin,Landry)
TSN is airing the 1rst round live tonight and is streaming it live on line.

Bring Back Simoni!

The man plays like a beast and has a ferocious attitude. He deserves to be in Black and Gold! :thup:

Simoni's light years better than Bowman, in my opinion.

The Ticats should sign him and let him compete at camp. If Bowman beats him out, cut him. But I doubt Bowman beats him out.

If we don't sign Lawrence, the Bombers will.

The Cats need him back. Some question marks at the LB position would be answered. That and the Cats definitely do not want to play against him.

With Issac gone, I sincerely hope he comes back this way.

Draft coming up in a few minutes.

Here's another link to confirm after such a great season he had there last year:

[url=] ... er=ya5nbcs[/url]

My first time ever hearing about Lawrence was in the 2010 NFL draft when I noted his fine performance at the NFL Combine and otherwise.

Given that the Vikings cut him already after signing a bunch of undrafted free agents in time for NFL rookie mini-camps that start this Friday, at now 25 years old his best bet is in the CFL. It is not as if one would describe the defence of the Vikings as 'stellar,' and he was cut from it.

Lawrence could be picked up by another NFL for its rookie mini-camp just to be given the 'run-around' like most undrafted free agents and camp bodies, but he may as well just gear up for the CFL for good now.

Someone in the CFL can and should take him and whoever does not will have to play against him. I have no idea why we did not make more from his talent in Edmonton in 2012, but it appears that the Ti-Cats would be his preference now after his experience in 2013.

He's listed at 6-1 and anywhere in the 220s in weight and I'm not sure if that is with or without pads.

He just seems all-around suited best to play in the CFL somewhere in the linebacking corps as compared to the NFL in which it seems he's considered too small for LB and not skilled enough in pass coverage so as to to play strong safety.

He could continue to try and make special teams for an awesome short-term salary somewhere, but that window of opportunity is extremely limited for third string and other players low on the depth chart in the NFL.

Sounds like Simoni's close to coming back:

@steveslacker: @Simoni_Lawrence coming back to Ticats?? 80%


@scottmorris09: @Simoni_Lawrence are you talking to any teams about signing??AZ cardinals wane me in camp

Don't get me wrong ... I like Simoni and it'd be great to have him back ... but saying that he's light years better than Bowman is simply not true. Let's look at the numbers ...

Marcellus Bowman
Games Played = 49
Tackles = 164
Tackles/Season = 60.24
ST Tackles = 36
ST Tackles/Season = 13.22
Sacks = 9
Sacks/Season = 3.31
Ints = 2
Ints/Season = .73

Simoni Lawrence
Games Played = 30
Tackles = 87
Tackles/Season = 52.2
ST Tackles = 14
ST Tackles/Season = 8.4
Sacks = 1
Sacks/Season = .033
Ints = 3
Ints/Season = 1.8

Again ... I'd love to have Simoni back but as I said ... I think the TiCats are quite happy with their LB unit and wouldn't get into a bidding war for Lawrence since I'm sure the plan has always been to play Bowman. They went and got Marcellus in Free Agency while Simoni was a throw in with the Eskimo's trade.

Lawrence has not been a starter really until halfway through last year and is younger I believe. Bowmen has had a starting role thus the stats.

Not to mention Bowmans knee injury.. who knows if he'll ever put those numbers up again.

All very true. The counter to that is Simoni has had 1 excellent season out of 2. Same can be said ... Who's to know if he'll ever put up those numbers again as well.

At best you can call it a draw. Again ... no slight on Simoni. But saying he's light year's better than Bowman is simply not the case.

Best case scenario would be to move Bowman to MLB and put Simoni @ WILL. But I think Austin likes Kromah @ MIKE and Bowman @ WILL and is not going to pay up for Lawrence.