Simoni Lawrence-Yes or No

During his Podcast last week Simoni was asked by a fan tweet if he was coming back in 2023. He was actually really vague saying "This year I promised my agent I wouldn't talk about contracts and let him do the work".
Do you think he will be back?
Do you want him to be back?
The signing of Kyle Wilson ( who I predict will be a CFL All-Star one day) might be a sign that the team is moving on from Simoni. His injuries and overall drop in play last year was not that dissimilar to Speedy's 2021 season in many ways.

No. Time to cut bait.

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Not meaning any disrespect, but I hope he becomes green. The guy got game

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Yeah they LOVE him in Riderville! Ha!

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Simoni posted a bunch of workout vids on Twitter yesterday and he commented he basically played on one leg all season.

I say that guy can play on my team any day. He definetly has the intangibles that you want in a player and a fired up Simoni if healthy come next years playoffs can be a difference maker.


I predict Simoni will be back, along with Wilson and hopefully Kameron Kelly . I'd like to see Wilson at MLB . Santos Knox is the guy I would move in a trade/release . If you want to see his clone in the NFL , watch #55 with the Steelers . He's around the tackle or the pile but seldom making the tackle that good MLBs make in the hole .


Knox was our nominee for Defensive Player of the Year and was top 5 in tackles in the CFL, so I was under the impression he had a great season.


Santos Knox makes tackles 10 - 15 yds down the field . MLBs like Muamba or Bighill jam the middle and also cover the pass . I wasn't impressed with our last MLB Larry Dean , either . Zambiasi or Calvin Tiggle are my Cat comparisons and the others pale in comparison . I think Wilson could join Ben and Calvin .

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Eyesight ! I watch Cat games 2 - 3 times each week . I concentrate on the line play and the LBs . I played the game and coached the game .


They would if he signed with us...


10 - 15 yards down field? Was that a run play tackle or a pass coverage tackle? Tackles at 10 -15 yards down field are a first down. Knox lines up as MACK responsible for strong A and weak A gap. Where did you coach?

University of Phoenix . I was also the starting QB . :upside_down_face:


105 tackles led the team, best run defense in the league. Must have made 105 tackles down field.... Lol

My point that you obviously missed, anyone who makes tackles 10 -15 yards down field is more than likely saving a touchdown. Knox is a pretty good linebacker but.... Darnell Sankey led the league in TT- 122, DT- 120, ST- 2 , and QS-3. Tiger Cats may have stopped the run but couldn't stop the pass or score enough points to win.

Sure. I guess my point is that he's not making tackles down field in the wash after the Dline got pushed back down field. He was out DPOY nominee and earned every vote.


If our nominee for DPOY and our leader in tackles actually had a sh*t season but our coaches and management just didn't notice, then we are in big trouble.
Not many actual opinions about Simoni in this Simoni thread, I've noticed.


It's an absurd take that we should move on from Santos Knox. No point going there again.

If Simoni can contribute as a rotational player and some depth, great. Same reason I would have preferred to keep Banks.


Santos had 105 tackles , 2nd in the league. and an interception.
I liked his play last year. Because Hamilton was good against the run, it allowed them to have different players play back into coverage at different times, including Santo Knox, even defensive lineman.
Thats how Kelly got 5 interceptions.
A guy I didnt like was Justin Tuggle in 2019 . That guy was lost out there, never played up to par in my opinion.

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BANKS, can someone help me figure out what he is saying here?

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Right must couldn’t pass up them under the table perks they offered !

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Yea it seems like a weird fit lol