Simoni Lawrence unveils limited edition New Era collection

HAMILTON — Hamilton Tiger-Cats linebacker Simoni Lawrence has been vocal about his adoration for the city of Hamilton and his love for the Ticats since joining the the team in 2013.

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Argo mgmt take note....
This is effective marketing.


Good luck. Pardon the interruption but you guys are losing. Why would anybody want to waste their money on a team as bad as the Hamilton Tiger Cats? I have t shirts I used to wear up until the start of the season that I now find way too embarrasing to wear. This team has done nothing for fans. And for a while.

simoni is my guy and i have my hat and ordered my new grey jersey win or lose they are our team evrryone struggles at times and they need strong fan suuport more than ever :black_heart::brown_heart::black_heart::brown_heart::black_heart::brown_heart:

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Nice fairweather fan.

C'mon man - they were an overtime from winning it all less than a year ago.

All teams have their ups and downs. Where were the Blue Bombers about 5 years ago ?


You can't be a 'proper' fan if you turn on them this easily and so soon.

oooooh....nice....more definitions around how to be a 'proper' fan.

tough to figure out how to be the best CFL fan I can be :slight_smile: