Simoni Lawrence retires

Laurent can sign a one day and retire as a Cat .
CVZ can also sign a one day but with Toronto and retire as an Anchor .


Simoni press conference . Interesting to note that towards the end of it he is asked if he had any thoughts of pulling a Speedy B and signing elsewhere . His answer isn’t surprising .


In terms of Simoni’s new role as Tiger-Cats’ Brand Ambassador, that seat has sat empty for a few years now. Simoni will be following in the footsteps of the irascible Angelo Mosca . . . except I am not sure that Ang collected a pay cheque for his role.

Large shoes for Simoni to fill, for sure . . . but he is definitely the right man for the job !!
Congrats & Good Luck to Simoni Lawrence.


3DN: Feb. 15 at 10:13am: Simoni Lawrence retires from CFL, takes job with Hamilton Sports Group - 3DownNation
TSN: Feb. 15 at 10:17am: Longtime Hamilton Tiger-Cats linebacker Simoni Lawrence retires at 35 | TSN
Sportsnet: Feb. 15 at 11:22am: Longtime Tiger-Cats star linebacker Simoni Lawrence retires from football

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It’s 5:30 p.m., as I type having just checked the TSN CFL site, and the only mention I see, even now, regarding Simoni’s retirement, is marked as having first appeared just “2 hrs. ago.”

Looking around, a little more, it appears there were earlier mentions on their main page, but not on their CFL page, which is the one I have bookmarked, as where I would have expected CFL news to, most likely, appear.

Best wishes to Simoni on his retirement. One of my all time favourite Cats. Good on the organization for keeping him in the fold, I can’t think of a better personality to visit schools, hospitals, rep the team at community events etc. May Glen Suitor have to do a 3 rd quarter interview with him during a game next season.


Good interview

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His grin rivals Pinball’s.

But his laughter is more infectious. You just GOTTA laugh with the guy.


Simoni is our Pinball .


Both are guys you couldn’t really picture on any other team, and I’m very happy they found a spot for Simoni at HSG. Pinball had a very similar role at one time after his playing/coaching days with the Argos. So maybe this gets Simoni a foot in the door to bigger things on the business side or he moves into football ops down the road.


I agree . I have a good feeling that Simoni will be around this franchise in one capacity or another for many years to come .


In the article that Grover posted above, this part is truly remarkable:

“Throughout his career, he participated in over 500 community events throughout his playing career and dedicated thousands of hours to charitable causes.”

Not only was Simoni a tremendous asset to the Hamilton Tiger-Cats, but also to the entire City of Hamilton.

It’s so nice to see that he will continue that role. :+1:


Did anyone go to the party and and care to share some photos

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yes, my wife and I attended, but I’m not big on taking photos. It was well attended. (sold out if I recall).

same fan faces I see at most local events.


Why has the team not shown any video or photos from the event
To throw an event like this you figure there would be some photos or video or something.

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There is a 15:00 minute video on the main page but be forewarned the video is basically 13 minutes of our big mouth mayor yapping off like it’s Andrea Horvath day and the last 2:00 minutes are basically Simoni (out of frame ) talking . :roll_eyes:

So trust me if you love our mayor then you will love this video .🔑/


I’ve found the whole Simoni retirement rushed and forced.

Personally, I love the man, but I don’t think this was his decision.

but alas, sports are a tough gig.


True in one sense. If the Ticats offered him a contract to play one more year he most likely would still be playing. I think the Cats told him, early in the process, they were not re-signing him and that they could pay him more as a member of the HSG team.
Simoni said in the most recent CHCH podcast interview that he had offers from other teams, so I guess he had to do some soul searching, but it was ultimately his decision to stop playing.