Simoni Lawrence Hurt???

Taken today from his twitter

Just a flesh wound.
No worries.

I'm currently wearing the same cast and have been for a month. You better hope it is not a torn achilles like mine

I'm hoping he's disorganized, lost a shoe, and this was all they could find to fit him. Either that or it's a fashion statement. He's young enough that either is possible!

Before the attacks, I know I'm being ridiculous... Here's hoping it's nothing serious!!

I'm sure Doctor displaced cat fan will have an up to date diagnosis and expected return date for Simoni :rockin: :smiley: :lol: :oops: shortly. LOL

Let me play "Doctor". :oops:

Since he is not on they 1 or 6 game injured list (as of this writing) and there is nothing reported by Drew Edwards (also as of this writing), I presume that his wearing of "Das Boot" is nothing serious.

Go ahead and flame away for speculation on my part. You do it so well. :lol: :lol: :lol:

8) Drew is reporting that Lawrence is NOT practicing today !! However he hasn't been ruled out for Sunday's game yet.
   Gable and Woodson are both  back at practice, along with Murray.

was practicing today but side drills no team reps