Simoni Lawrence fined for comments after the game

Drew Edwards ?@scratchingpost · 29m29 minutes ago
#Ticats LB @Simoni_Lawrence he’s been fined $750 by the #CFL for his post game comments after loss to #Redblacks.

How much was Burris fined for his comments? (Inquiring minds want to know what the "instigator" received). :roll: :roll: :roll:

Manny Oliveira ?@oskeemannyo · 2m2 minutes ago
@scratchingpost @Simoni_Lawrence and Hank no fine for his comments twice on national TV? #tsn once again Sr discount I guess!

:lol: :lol: :lol:

Wonder if the Red Black player who made contact with Mathews head will be suspended ?

David Hinds shot on Mathew was not a helmet to helmet, at the most it was a glancing shot, the majority of the impact was on Mathews shoulder. Mathews turned and dropped his head while throwing the ball away, there was no intent in any way. There shouldn't have even been a flag on the play. It looked worse because Mathews was off balance throwing and his play cards went flying. I realize that he had a concussion on the play, there should be no blame laid on Hinds for the hit.

I imagine Lawrence was fined for his comments about the officials.

If what you say is true then David Hinds will not be fined by the league. The proof, as they say, is in the pudding.


Drew Edwards ?@scratchingpost · 2h2 hours ago

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Though this does feel like a nice, subtle burn....
Drew Edwards added,
Drew Edwards @scratchingpost #Ticats @Simoni_Lawrence:
"I wanted to apologize to all the females for comparing them to @HenryBurris. That's not fair to them at all" #CFL

You know if I was a wealthy man I would encourage Simoni to continue in this vein (all the while replacing the fines he accumulates).


Lawrence wasn't fined for the hit on Burris, he was fined for his comments. The hit was within the league rules, it was however outside the players code on the field, intent. The penalty that Lawrence was called on later in the game was a garbage call. He was right in what he said about the CFL officials, especially the last two seasons. They should control the flow of the game but they are missing penalties and then calling ones that no one else sees. They have made too many game deciding calls, or missed calls that have changed the outcome of games. Many of them thanks to the Toronto command centre which screws up just as much. Good luck getting a call in your teams favour if Toronto is involved.

Most of the CFL Officials would last 5 minutes in the NFL.
They would be out of work. It's a shame they turn judgement calls into a fiasco
It must be very frustrating to the CFL Coaches.

It wasn't the first time Burris has been compared to a female.

I agree, the CFL officials are never consistent from week to week. There are some officials that coaches hate to see, they know that the calls will come over the minor things that would never affect the play and then they miss the easy calls that should be called. It's like watching the replacement refs the NFL used. The command centre is a joke, they have all the same camera angles as everyone else and yet they still get calls wrong, some really wrong. It's like watching figure skating judges some games.

Actually Hank the Crank did more damage to the game of football in Canada and the CFL by his anger outburst on Live National TV on TSN.

If your mad at an opponent or player keep that stuff for the sidelines and on the field don't go rambling on through National TV about it and the media, just say no comment. The TSN and football media are just as bad, I can't believe they call these guys pro or ex-pro athletes?

Henry just proved to everyone in the CFL that he considers himself above everyone else, Mr. Untouchable and wants the CFL and league to back him up through his crying fit on national TV.

Frankly the only thing that Henry did was paint a larger target on his back for defenders from around the CFL, do you think for a moment that a player like Ricky Foley of the Argo's would leave Hank alone now, no way, Ricky invented the crying eyes taunt after he hammers a QB to the turf like he did too Kevin Glenn on numerous times. Just think of of all the other D-players thinking the same thing right now!


The officials will be calling anything close. I agree that calling a player out on TV isn’t the way it should be done, it is however a game of emotion and they both were responsible for it. The CFL panel is all over the map on different things, they call things based on what position they used to play, don’t always agree with them, but it’s opinion and I respect everyones opinion, I may not agree, but respect it. The league was watered down this season with the loss of QB’s, my guess is that the league is going to want to protect the ones going into the playoffs, officials will have been told to watch everything. As long as both teams play hard and not play dirty, it should be a good game.

Well Simoni did the "inexcusable" and was critical of the officiating while Hank just got on his high and mighty horse and maligned the rep of a former teammate! Poor Hank - that hit was so tough you'd think that he couldn't keep playing! :roll:

There may not have been intent, but I'd like to see the proof that it was only a "glancing blow" as it obviously left him concussed ,and to my knowledge hits to the shoulder don't result in concussions.
As there WAS a flag on the play, then the refs obviously saw it differently - an illegal hit.

I'm afraid there will be even more rule changes to further hamper the ability of the defence to defend against the pass. Can't "touch" a receiver, must be cautious in tackling the QB, OL allowed holding if it is to the DL torso and not outside the shoulder, etc. Meanwhile receivers are allowed a "one or two step" move across the line of scrimmage before the ball is snapped, and "hand fighting" or "pushing off".

IMO if the QBs need more protection, make it the team's responsibility. No more "six receiver sets", maybe there must be at least two blockers in the backfield on a pass, whatever it takes. Let's get back to football and away from arena football pass and catch. We all love high scoring games and the long bomb, but I am tired of the pass or attempted pass, flag toss, walk off the yardage one way or the other. Just saying.

My guess is that the ref was already holding his flag waiting for any kind of contact on Mathews. You'd be surprised how little contact it takes for a concussion. Mathews concussion may be a minor one(by old standards) but by the newer being safer than sorry, he may have played this Saturday. A lot of concussions are a result of little contact, in a lot of cases they occur from hitting the ground(whiplash) Helmets don't prevent them, they help reduce the level of trauma.

I agree with what you’re saying. They are making it more difficult to just play the game. They have made it more difficult for the DB’s to cover receivers, and the number of contact flags is dragging the game to a halt, instead of speeding it up as they wanted. Injuries occur when players slow up on the QB’s so they don’t get flagged for roughing. It’s still a contact sport, but calls still have to made when that contact is outside the rules.

Go play on your own team's board, troll.

I've got to post this somewhere. So, I choose here, rather than starting another thread. This is a quote from an article by Gord Holder, who is the RedBlack beat reporter for Ottawa's fish wrap which is pretty much the equivalent of The Spec. Can you believe he wrote this? Maybe they don't have PVRs or internet access in the Nation's Capital.

"Lawrence delivered a hit on the brace protecting Burris's sore left knee"

And yes, a newspaper reporter actually did write "Burris's" that way.