Simoni Lawrence Fine Upcoming?

I didn't get to see the game and from highlights I couldn't really make out what happened but in his post game interview with Drew Edwards, SImoni throws more than a few jabs at CFL officials saying that he needs to understand they are not very good at their jobs and that officials "up here" just aren't as good.

I understand SImoni was upset after the game, but after taking a dumb penalty on the field he acts like a douchebag after the game calling out the officials instead of just taking one on the chin. You have to think the league will wave their finger in his face and slap him with a fine for his comments, or am I making to much of this?

Between Kent constantly screaming at the refs and now SImoni sounding off on them, I don't expect many friendly calls any time soon.

Drew Edwards kept trying to get a response from Lawrence on the officiating ! Drew new what he was doing and now Lawrence will probably get fined, Thanks Drew :thdn:

I have a feeling Austin would have cut Lawrence over this if it weren't for the fact that Lawrence is pretty much our best player these days.

Not the first time Drew has gone out of his way to create trouble. :thdn:

Sounds like Drew, drew Simoni in the conversation? No doubt Drew wants a story that's his job and Simoni is a good player who is probably just frustrated right now and like most players and many fans blew his top at the official but in way will I support the official either, I enjoyed watching the official get drilled on TV by the BC Player, certainly was a good defensive play for the Cats. The Tiger-Cats took way too many penilties but lets face it there where also some very bad calls and no calls that had to be overturned and how do you explain that when the Ref is caught on video right on the play and NO call is made??

I stand in support of our players, when the officiating is this BAD and it is, sometimes you need to make a point but in the CFL it won't go anywhere because next game will be the same crappy officiating!!

Hes right, he hits a running back and gets called for roughing the passer.... then he says "i hit the running back" as clear as day on camera about 3 times, and while he didnt let it go and probably deserved a penalty, he is dead on. The officiating has been brutal.

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I will never take a penalty like that again it's disrespectful and selfish and I'm better then that can't hurt the team like that ever..

Here it is!! Both Beswick and Simoni

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#Ticats linebackers Marc Beswick and Simoni Lawrence have been fined by #CFL for making public comments critical of CFL game officials.

Penalty calls in this league have been terrible for some time. Its too bad good players get swept up in this mess, for speaking their mind. Its about time the officials let the players play and stop nickel and diming them (us). We don't pay to see the officials.

No one's surprised. Beswick and Lawrence weren't wrong, but much as has been said about Mr. Austin, you have to control yourself.

And while I would also pile on the 'damn refs can't figure out what to call' train? It's a matter of consistency, as it always is. Nothing has changed there. I daresay if we fans hold our breath waiting for such, we'll turn blue.. or even double blue while we wait. And no one wants to look like an Argo fan, right?

You know what though, there has been a LOT of awful calls this year, and there has been a LOT of non-calls this year. When TSN has to bring in the VP of officiating to try and clear the air (and of course blame expansion, like it's the catch all for everything wrong in the league right now, and in a few years it will be better) you know there is an issue.

That's fine and dandy the both of them getting fines,that's the way it works,but how about the other shoe ? I wonder if the
blind as a bat moron Ref who was 6 feet away and blatantly somehow missed the call on Banks in the endzone,I wonder how
he made out in all this ? I still can't believe that was a non call and required a challenge flag to obviously overturn it. IMO the reffing and all the freakin' flags and penalties this year are ruining the games. It makes me think that I missed the memo
about how it's mandatory this season that the refs are required to throw a flag every three plays regardless if there was an
infraction or not.It's the Canadian Football League not the Canadian "FLAG" League,maybe someone should tell the officials
that cause it seems this year that they seem to think people are tuning in to watch their ugly mugs take up all the camera and
face time. I happen to agree with Simoni,he was only stating the truth when he said the officials AREN'T VERY GOOD up here
Now before all the ref lovers and defenders get all on me about this,let me say that also IMO there has been a core group on
the team that seem to be getting the majority of DUMB Selfish penalties that are hurting this team and costing us wins.
The coach better clamp down on this and regardless of who the player is,start sending a message by either benching these guys
are if it keeps up releasing them outright. They're is need to mention specific names here,I think most of us know the players
I'm talking about.

Here's the news on the Fine here by the CFL to not only Simoni but Beswick as well. The players can't say it because they will get fined by the league and the CFL Officiating Communist Party of Canada, So Ill say it instead CFL Officials and Kim Murphy Stink!!!

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After I saw Beswick's comments I figured he would get booked too.

This subject kind of tears me. On one hand, both of these guys are leaders, especially Beswick so to lose your cool in the media and get fined - and there is no way they didn't know they would get fined, if not then our PR team has some serious work to do - looks silly.

On the other hand, I respect both of them for calling a spade a spade, the officiating has been a joke this season.

But still I hate when teams or players use the refs as an excuse or complain about them. The refs exist for both teams and make bad calls ... all the time ... for both teams. This year especially.

I just wish refs would be held more accountable for terribly blown calls, instead of always having their big brother come and fight for them. It's the same way in every pro league. NFL refs were ridiculously bad at times last year, NBA refs are a bunch of mooks who control games, and NHL refs have no idea what is going on half the time, oh and MLB didn't implement video review for no reason. But in every league you hear it all the time, "i wont talk about the refs" ... that line by itself usually implies they sucked. But when a player or coach does slip up, they get fined.

This I have to disagree with. Drew asked reasonable questions relating to the game and league, everyone is talking about the refs. All they had to do was keep there cool but they snapped, and I have a hard time blaming them after another winnable game slipped away sending them to 1-5. Drew was just doing his job though and got some revealing quotes, he didn't make the quotes up. ... But I am bias.

But in reality, refs suck. They always have, why complain about it anymore. Could have saved them some money but I honestly do think the refs are going to be tougher on us now.

Drew has to take some responsibility, the interview was immediately after the game when the players are upset ! If the same interview was done 24 hours later it would be a different story ! Sure the players are responsible because they said it, but if Drew didn’t ask the questions about the refs, different story !

When a guy like Beswick says there is a problem there is obviously a problem. He never opens his mouth. I would happily contribute to his fine.


Or how about Mo Mann's comments on National TV, TSN & US Television after he scored the touchdown and commented about Michael Brown in the St. Louis incident, I though racial or political comments were not allowed in the CFL, yet I guess because he's an Argo player he can say what he wants and the official in the CFL let it slide??

I would take it another step further and suggest that Drew should contribute 1/2 of each fine on behalf of the players. He got his story and got paid, while the players just got fined. And, knowing that it could lead to fines, Drew did not have to post the videos and transcripts of the interviews verbatim. He could have taken some of the edge off, or at least paraphrased to save the players the hassle.

I don't know Drew personally, and I like his blog. (Edit: I more than like his blog because I get inside info that I can't get from other sources, and it's something new every day.) However, not only do I think what occurred in this situation is a bit offside, it is ethically, morally and a professionally questionable practice. Those players may not be as forthcoming next time. Biting the hand that feeds you or something like that.

Drew is the media. The media's job isn't to protect the players from fines. The players are SUPPOSED to avoid being so forthcoming with Drew. Drew's got a camera in his face and Simoni keeps saying "The refs aren't good up here". What's Drew supposed to do? Ignore the comment? Change the subject? Gee, my boy might be getting himself into trouble, lets talk about something else?

That would be the definition of bad journalism.

Now, I know Drew probably has a personal relationship with many of these players and probably has many casual conversations off-the-record with the players. If Simoni had said this in casual conversation and Drew pulled a scoop out of it, that's a problem, but when he's holding a camera in your face, everything you say is fair game and everything you say Drew can assume you want to be heard. Drew is in the locker room, first and foremost, to do his job.

How can you blame a reporter for this? His job is to get a story and ask the contraversial question. He is not there to hold the players hand and tell them to give the politically correct answer.