Simoni Lawrence extended thru 2018

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Awesome news!!!! Let's work on the secondary now.

Maybe Simoni extending will encourage a couple of other of our FA's we want to keep to re-sign. Great start so far.

Ticats’ Simoni stays to cement ‘a legacy’

[i]"Lawrence's decision to extend is a much-needed vote of confidence, reassurance from a player who has been here for all four years under football uber boss Kent Austin that things are all right.

"I love Orlondo and I'm super happy for the opportunity he's getting — at least we didn't lose him to another CFL team," Lawrence said. "But I have faith in what we've built here, what we're continuing to build."

Of course, the Ticats also made it worth his while. Lawrence wouldn't talk specifics, but the contract is more akin to a new two-year contract than it is an extension of the old one. CFL sources said it's structured in a way that benefits both player and club — likely featuring a hefty signing bonus and a lower base salary — but puts him among the Top 3 defensive players when it comes to take-home pay.

"The Ticats show love," Lawrence said."[/i]

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Simoni would have been a perfect fit on our 1967 Grey Cup defence. He's that good! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Pat Lynch (the old guy)

Simoni is not only a leader on the defense but the spirit of the team.

Great to hear!!!!!!!!!!

Best defense ever. I'm hoping for a return to more aggression and less finess