Simoni gets a 2 game suspension

No it really wasn’t - read the Naylor article and the quotes from Zach. These are not the words of someone full of confidence.

What is ignorant is thinking a Qb like Zach would actually lead any team, let alone a Riders, to a Grey Cup. He was done prior to the hit. Can you admit that?

Try watching some interviews.

You understand ZC was rated 4th in efficiency last year right? In a season he was in and out of. You understand that the team was over the top a ball possession club right? Do you actually watch games or just look at a few stats and pick a few out? Based on you comments on the Calgary game that second one seems to be more likely.

Ignorance is bliss!!!

Collaros and Lawrence will be spending the next couple of weeks enjoying some time off together. Former team mates are possibly having a laugh at everyone’s expense.

Look, maybe I was over-the-top with my criticism of Lawrence, fair enough, however I do feel for Zach with his past history of concussions and simply feel for the guy.

But I understand football is a collision sport and Lawrence simply went a tad too far and got a 2 game suspension, nothing more, nothing less as far as Lawrence goes where in a collision sport these penalties will happen from time to time. So nothing agains’t Lawrence’s demeanor or trying to think what was going on his head. Fair enough.

We all feel for Zach, as well as I am sure the player’s, league etc. Emotion plays a huge factor in everything so to label Simoni as a “Dirty”, “Repeat Offender”, or “Cheap Shot” is touchy especially when it comes from someone like Henry Burris who just likes to be the centre of attention, or Sask fans who just lost their QB. Doesn’t make it right, just as it does not make the hit ok.

What irks me are knee jerk reactions and that’s what we have here.

What irks me, is how this has all somehow become about Burris as much as it is of Lawrence.

Burris didn’t headshot anyone. He’s got nothing to do with this.

If the league were to punish actions Lawrence is lucky he only got two games. He lead with his helmet on a tackle on Powell at about the 3:40 mark in the first quarter. Powell was wrapped up and going down and Lawrence finishes him off with a shot to the head. It is amazing again on that play other ti-cat defenders were able to let up but head hunter Lawrence didn’t. Have to wonder whether that play was sent for review to the league by the Riders.

I assume yer talking about this play right here ? Well with emotions running so high on this hot button topic on both sides I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if it wasn’t under review as well . Can’t recall though exactly but I’m pretty sure that there was no flag thrown or penalty on that play . In all honesty after looking at the replay a few times it looks like Powell’s knee was not down or touching the turf at the time of contact and it was still a live play at the moment of Lawrence’s tackle .

Burris decided to cry, whine, lie, and boo-hoo in his role as a “commentator”.

(loosely describing him as that).

Crying Hank deserves what he gets. He has lots to do with this. Not surprising, Hank has to feel relevant…

I rest my case.

you have no case.

and you are not a lawyer.

And let’s remember that Matt chimed in as well:

[b]“I’ve got no time for that,? said Matt Dunigan.[/b] “I’ve seen it too many times with Lawrence the way he attacks the game. He’s a good football player, but something’s got to be done at this point.?

IMO it was set at two so the appeal could cut it in half.

2 games in the grand scheme of an 18 game season isn’t a big suspension. This looks bad on the PA in my opinion, there’s 2 players involved, would be nice if they realized that at some point.

It equates to a 9 game suspension in the NHL.

This has spiralled so out of hand its absurd. A 2 game suspension for a head shot is a good precedent and one that should be upheld as the season goes on. After enough of them are handed out it becomes the new norm.

This was a good move by the league but people asking for 5-7 game suspensions (or even longer) have either never paid attention to football discipline or they’re blinded by their own green coloured glasses.

As a Ticat fan I don’t condone the hit, I 100% agree that a suspension is in order and I said the second it happened that 2 games appealed down to 1 is likely what will happen. The idea that the league was going to somehow send a message with a 5 game suspension is so far fetched its laughable.

If you want these hits out of the game, suspend more players and more hits, not suspend 1 player longer to make a point.

Football players are unlike any other breed - a 2 game suspension is massive for these guys. And if Simoni does it again this year? I expect a 3 game suspension.

I hope it doesn’t get reduced, but have a feeling it will be bumped down to 1 game.

I believe there was a similar situation in the Mon vs Edm game, where the Edm player appeared to hit Adams from Montreal on a feet first slide. I believe he got 15 yards. However, in the slow motion replay you can see he goes over Adams and doesn’t touch him. I believe he had less time to react to the slide than Lawrence, but managed to not make contact, even though it looked bad initially.