Simoni Fined Maximum Amount

The piling on penalty was a strange call in my eyes. What I saw was a helmet to helmet hit, on the play. Although the tackle didn’t injure, the league should take another look at the tackle and fine for the head contact that was made.

If Bill Romanowski was still playing, he would be on death row by today’s standards.

Seeing on twitter Odell Willis took a cheap shot on a QB. Have yet to see for myself

Yup smacked Kilgore right in the face - totally uncalled for - was given 15 yards but I think it should have been upgraded to 25. He is DEFINITELY a repeat defender but I’ll be interested to see how many fans are vilifying him in the coming week for being a “dirty” player.

I think fines are warranted - especially for the head shot and the ankle twisting. After all Simoni got a max fine for ankle twisting so why would this one be ignored - especially after the penalty was upgraded and the player ejected.

No big deal. Just precisely the kind of hit the league vowed to police to protect QBs.
However they’ve moved on to foot twisting so, you know, you have change with the times.