Simoni Fined Maximum Amount

Yer absolutely right . Maybe they should give it to Odell Willis instead . I don’t know about anybody else but I’m getting a little bit sick and tired of everybody and their brother dumping all over Lawrence . As for being a role model maybe you should ask some of the children that Simoni and his team mates have visited and put a smile on their faces down at Sick Kids at Mac .

You can hate on him all you want but make no bones about it , Simoni is one of the best ambassadors of this team and of this city and the CFL with all he has done with his caring and giving charity work .

Coach O in his post game presser stated that you either love him or hate him . It’s rather obvious which side of the fence your on . Myself personally , I friggin’ love the guy and honestly hope that he does garner enough votes to be not only nominated but to also win a well deserved MODP award this year .

Bobo…great post and I fully agree. I’m fed up listening to the couple of sanctimonious posters (and Suiter) who continues to bark about Simoni. He did the crime and served his time.

He’s no worse than a lot of other players, so people need to get over it until such time that league teats EVERYONE THE SAME! This is not what is currently happening.

Even Henry Burris said he is a front runner for defensive player of the year during the half time of the BC Mtl game. If Hank can put it aside surely everyone else can. Got to love the guys energy on and off the field.

Record setting 17 tackle performance on Friday versus a pretty good team.

After 17 , Bob young will cut a cheque for the fine!$

I have often wondered about that. Are teams allowed to reimburse a player for fines? I somehow doubt they can, but really don’t know why I think that.

Legally I don’t think so. However with some of the things Chris Jones and lately the Alouettes ownership/management did, im sure it’s very possible.


No doubt Simoni does much for community and probably more than others.
My comment had more to do with kids playing football and trying to mimic him! Thatz all. Don’t go reading more than what is written.

That you Mr. Suitor?

You can call me Glen!
We are friends!

Gable kneeing Leonard’s chest, repeatedly. No comment and no call. Kinda, gee, I dunno , “dirty” ?

It was committed “against” a Ticat, not committed “by” a Ticat. Big difference.

Unless a memo a went out warning teams that ankle twisting is now an ejection and 25 yd penalty…
For refs to pull that out of the hat in week 18 in a game for first place is outrageous.

Ankle twisting ? Isn’t that considered something that only a dirty player would try ? There must be some sort of mistake . I thought only Simoni did that sort of thing ?!?

So you mean to tell me that Simoni isn’t the only so called dirty player in this league ? that there are others as well ? some perhaps even dirtier depending on who you talk to ?

I find that rather hard to believe . ::slight_smile:


I wouldn’t like it if my QB’s season ended (and with it, my team’s chances at a championship) because some goon thought it would be fun to snap his ankle after a play.

I’m not sure why anyone is in favour of this. Nor how anyone could credibly argue that it should be allowed to go on unpunished.

all three penalties against Calgary for cheap shots on Fajardo were justified. (spearing 15 yards, piling on 15 yards, and the ankle twisting for 25 yards).

but I don’t see any further actions / fines needed for anyone of them.

I agree with you, mostly, the ankle twisting should have been 15 yards. Player ejection is going too far. But a stern warning, absolutely.

In my expert opinion the ankle twist itself was outrageous. Hopefully a max fine and suspension will be added by the league, to the punishment.