Simoni Fined Maximum Amount

I have no problem with Simoni’s spirited play and the over-whelming majority of his tackles. He has come to embody the toughness of our defence, like Joe Montford, Ben Zambiasi, Ralph Goldston, Angelo Mosca.

It is the hits when the player is already down that are costing Simoni. The hit on Zach was late, and aimed at his head. The fine on the Carey ankle grab was because it was after the play. The late hit on Kilgore came when he was down and laying east-west, obviously not advancing, although to Simoni’s credit, the major impact seemed to be more to Kilgore’s shoulder. Simoni is a multi-year veteran, an all-star linebacker, he should know the limits of a legal versus an illegal tackle, and especially a tackle that is over the line leading into disciplinary action.

A hand on the downed player with a leap over his body still says “I’m here, keep your head up”, and doesn’t draw a flag or a fine. If the hit was to come when the player is upright or even in the process of falling to the ground, I can see the argument that the tackler was committed. When the player is down, held by one or more team-mates, further hits are over the line.

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Well said Palmer. I am a big Simoni fan and until the last couple of games was giving him the benefit of the doubt but there are only so many excuses you can make for the guy. It’s almost like since his suspension he’s challenging the refs to flag him. Burris labeled Simoni as a repeat offender after game 1, and it was not true, now sadly it is. He needs to go back to playing like the all-star he is and drop the cheap stuff.

I recall a game at Ivor Wynne that had Eskimo’s Gass lead with
his helmet, connecting with Danny McManus squarely under his
chin/face mask, dazing him, requiring trainer assistance with McManus
missing a number of plays.

TV showed Gass sitting in the Edmonton dugout laughing it up,
pumping his fist into his chin, replaying his hit and basically
boasting about it… no concern or remorse at all about possible
injury to McManus. IIRC, no penalty on the play as helmet-to-helmet
hits were yet to be deemed dangerous and illegal, though many
obvious such hits have since been ignored by the on-field officials
and the incompetent Command Centre.

Totally classless and deplorable on Gass’s part IMO.

Its ANGELO Mosca; Angela is the feminine and he certainly isnt

My bad. I accepted the iPad version without questioning or editing. My apologies to Angelo and his fellow males of the same name.

Again , the Dork cleverly and sarcastically makes his point . Well played , indeed .

I was at the game at IW when Gass hit Danny Mac . I had my glasses on him at the Esk bench later . He was celebrating the possible concussion of Danny . Mosca didn’t celebrate after Fleming’s Grey Cup injury. Zambiasi, Krouse, Montford, et al had too much class to do that .

Gass was a jerk and will always be in my mind .

Pat Lynch ( older than dirt )

?? To both of you. Well said all around.

Ya, I remember Gass laughing after that hit on Danny as well …

Danny & Darren had walked away from Edmonton and signed as free agents in Hamilton ,Gass

payback… not OK.

I also couldn’t agree more. Is he so hyped up that he can’t stop himself? Hopefully the fines will be a deterrent for him.

I have heard this explained a couple of times by those who know football far better than I and Simoni had been blown up by Gable who was blocking but got past him, turned back to the play and was going at full speed with his view partially obstructed by an EE OL player so probably couldn’t see that Kilgore was down or going down. He did lead with his shoulder - have to give him credit for that but yes the hit was a bit late and certainly didn’t look good.
I can understand the fine - glad that it wasn’t anymore.

Also heard a clip from Suitor on that apparently was from an interview on Edmonton radio and he was saying he could get anywhere from a max fine to another 2 game suspension AND he thought it probably would be one game. The thing was SUITOR brought it up without being asked!

Simoni has made some mistakes this season but he is having maybe the best season of his career. I do get really annoyed with those (not suggesting Ticats fans) who vilify Simoni like he’s the dirtiest player in the league when many other D players make similar hits that are never mentioned as being questionable. Every time Simoni makes a play that might be a bit late or hard, he is accused of intent to injure! Was a bit surprised that the OL player Colin Kelly for the EE who went out of his way AFTER a play (during Steinauer’s challenge review) to obliterate Simoni was NOT fined for that tourist hit. Dane was also hit in the head and knocked over after he made that great toss to the side of the field at the end of the game and there was NO flag and certainly no discipline. It may not have warranted supplementary discipline but it probably should have been flagged which apparently would have made that winning FG 15 yards shorter.

Or maybe football just isn’t for you.

…Bush league?? it’s done across the league and everywhere in the NFL also…“bush” might be the wrong adjective for this story?

You might want to watch the hit again. Torpedos don’t normally hit the ground (seabed?) before hitting their target. And they don’t normally turn away at the last second to avoid hitting their targets nose on.

Lawrence, on the other hand, did both of these things. He his the ground before hitting Kilgore, and he hit him with his shoulder.

It was, however, a high hit, so deserving of the penalty. The fine? Not so much.

unless it is a water torpedo :slight_smile:

Sanchez thinks Simoni is a front runner for defensive player of the year.

They could get Suitor and Burris to do the presentation.

Love this.


So that would look good on the League.
The leader in head blows and leader in fines gets defensive player award! What an inspiration for young players and model for CFL!

Time to hit the deck. Lot’s of shrapnel will be flying around here for a while. ;D

Or it could be a confirmed PED abuser that gets the nomination for MOP in the West.