Simoni Fined Maximum Amount

He better watch himself.

Yeah, Simoni really needs to cut this crap out. He’s painted a target on his back.

Not only hurting himself, but starting to hurt the team by association. Love the guy, but he has to reel it in a notch.

That was a real brain fart this time Simoni WTF !?

In time people will forget everything, Simoni. Just ask O’Dell Willis.

I haven’t forgotten Jimenez or however it is spelled.

I wonder what the total financial loss is for Simoni so far this year? He got fined two weeks in a row now plus whatever he lost for the Zach hit. It must be quite substantial.

Hopefully that will give him more motivation to collect a Grey Cup winner paycheque. ;D

I say keep it up.

Brings a real edge to our team and I am sure it rubs off to team mates.
Can’t argue with the results, the D has been OUTSTANDING.

Well the defence can still play edgy without rolling onto a QB’s head. Even better results then. No penalties and fines. ;D

Certainly not worth nailing Ed Kilgore…he may get suspended by the playoffs, if keeps this up… and that does not bode well for the team.

Simoni needs to use his head intelligently…

Instead of a battering ram. ;D

AJ Gass called. Wonders if you remember him.

I do. “Hard nosed” , “heart and soul” type player.

“Some fans?”…he is only playing aggressive, hard hitting defense…for those that have never played you don’t always have time to check out the player’s number before you tackle him…really people??

I love the hard nosed football… But if it ends up costing him a playoff game… It’s not worth it

So being as it seems like Simoni is playing for free this season , having donated his salary to Ambosie’s year end head office staff party just wondering how long before we set up a GoFundMe account on his behalf ? You gotta figure that the way things have been going that there are guys probably making more money then him that are sitting on the Practice Roster right about now .:o

The max fine under the CBA is one half of a game cheque.

Assuming Simoni makes around $120,000 the max fine is about $3400.

The previous fine was not named but with the suspension he’s up to anywhere between $15-$20k in fines.

(Again we dont know his actual salary)

?? Exactly Krisium.
Don’t know how other posters can even contemplate that what Simoni is doing is inspirational/motivating.
I actually think the opposite will happen.

Or if it costs another player’s career or season, definitely not worth it.
How many of these type of stupid hits before he (Simoni) gets it?

Tackle is aok, torpedo a guy helmet first when he is already down and has 1-2 other defenders on him is quite another thing. Bush-league!