Simoni & Dane Named Players of the week

Simoni & Dane named players of the week. Congrats, well deserved.

The QB on O and D win it all this week.

So that would look good on the League. The leader in head blows and leader in fines gets defensive player award! What an inspiration for young players and model for CFL!
Simoni continues to be an inspiration [b]to all[/b].

Congrats Mr Lawrence and Mr Evans!!!

Fans now comparing him to Vontaze Burfict.

Vontaze already lost $4MM in fines and suspension; slated to lose $6MM this year.

Wonder how much Simoni lost!

Yup , but the thing of it is that the majority of the idiots aka fans that are doing the comparison are the ones who are wearing melon rinds on their heads (no names mentioned , of course ::))

Well deserved for both of them!!

“idiots aka fans? ?

Really?? Maybe you should point that finger onto yourself for not recognizing what everyone else is!

Did I stutter ? or as usual are you just looking for a fight ? Look if you don’t like or comprehend my posts then just put me on yer ignore list and be done with it . Trust me it won’t hurt my feelings if you do .

Simoni as well as Dane are more than deserving of this honour and yes the fans that are comparing Simoni to Burfect are indeed idiots and the comparison are for the most part coming from a certain teams fan base that would be green with envy if Lawrence played for their team instead of ours .

Nuff said .

Bobo has it right . :slight_smile: Bengal and Raider fans thought Burfict was a great player. He’s an idiot . As he was leaving the field he celebrated the illegal head hit . Now he’s gone for the year .

Rider fans lost their QB on a head hit, also . Simoni didn’t celebrate . He was concerned about his former teammate . The penalty was deserved. The suspension was served .

There is no malice in Simoni’s game . Player of the Week honours are well deserved . Someone should ask “Suits” how that crow tastes .

Pat Lynch (the old guy)

Agree. Burfict has no class. He is just wired differently.

Can’t compare him to Simoni. Can he clean up his game a little - for sure. Does he take joy in seeing players injured - absolutely not.

Dane & Addison Named players of the month …we are on roll.

Top of the power rankings
Two players of the week
Two players of the month
OMG have we peaked too soon?

Over on 3DownNation (sorry!):

Rod Pedersen, the epitome of green stupidity, is calling for Simoni to be suspended for the remainder of the season!!! Is he for real?

The fact that he bothered to mention Reggie Hunt shows this is really just a partisan issue for him.

Also worth remembering that headshots aren’t the only thing than can have a negative effect on your brain:

What’s the low rent podcast equivalent for click bait ?

The same Rod Peterson who lost his job in Sask radio for attacking the team management on an open mike and spreading rumors of extramarital affairs in the Rider office. Who now can’t find a job and tries to pump up his online show by saying anything he can about anyone.
Performer of the week on the who cares list.

Simoni may be the new Johnny Football for 3DN. Put him in as many headlines as you can because people keep on clicking on them.

That and mentioning SSK in any way possible. (Hypothetical example: “Ex-Riders QB Vernon Adams named player of the week”)

I love it all. It’s just right for teams from Hamilton to be bad. The more they spend time and emotion on us the more they fear us. We’re that good and people are noticing.

Thanks for all the insights.
I really need to stop reading (and reacting to) the 3DN articles.