Simoni 2 game suspension upheld

So he misses the next two then. July 26 at home to the bummers and August 1 against the green slime.

Interesting that the new precident set is the maximum allowable suspension for a first time offender.

What happens for a repeat offender?

The hit was as bad as it gets and in its own bubble I have no issue with the punishment, but honestly where do we go from here now?

Not one other 1 game suspension issued for borderline and dirty hits.

Utter toro poop. He will be well rested after not playing for 5 weeks?

So nothing official from the CFL just a TSN reporter?

Other than “having no issue with the punishment,” I agree with the points Crash makes here.
Glad I didn’t, but I would have, bet a bundle on the decision being 1-game. I have to wonder if keeping Simoni from appearing in Regina factored into this decision?

Hank just went from :slight_smile: to ;D.

The arbitrator didn’t happen to bring up the other serious infractions that have been let go with a slap on the wrist since then? No?

Well, the only good thing about this is Simoni will miss the game in Regina. With all the nutbar fans in Rider Nation there was a real possibility of physical harm done to Lawrence…behind the back of course.

You forgot “within a bubble”.

Two games for that type of hit on its own merit is not overkill.

In relation to ALL other previous fines and suspensions it was flat out wrong.

Agree with you Crash but the new reality that league is trying to push means that they had to do this. Itz too bad itz one of our guys but at same time, Simoni deserved this!

Now we know and the team has the extra week to deal with it. Doubt we will see a similar situation this season.

I agree with Crash and Ottawacat.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again here: they need to change the way they do fines and suspensions so that it’s clearly defined. There have been similar hits given a fine or less SINCE the Lawrence hit. What makes a hit worthy of a fine/1-game/2-game? Intent? Player position (if it’s against a QB, is it worse)? Whether it results in injury? Reputation of the offender? Whether it penalty was given or not?

I think there needs to be way less judgement when deciding this. It should be as simple as going down a chart and checking off the boxes.

I think if Lawrence’s hit was worthy of two games, a few others have been worthy of one… However, maybe they were waiting on this to go through before handing out other suspensions, to help their case for suspensions in the future?

Also, like Crash said… Where do they go from here if 2-game (the max) is the choice for a first time offender? Shouldn’t it be longer for repeat offenders, since they didn’t learn their lesson the first time? I’d love to see what a guy like Odel Willis would get if he hit someone like that…

EDIT: I want to quickly mention I don’t have a problem with raising the number of games a little for player suspensions to try and deter these types of plays… But I think going to the maximum (whether it’s 1 game, 2, or 10) for a first time offender isn’t right either.

Well I guess the good news is that we are on a bye week and have sometime to make the proper adjustments to the line backing crew . The bad news is that the likely key to the puzzle Chris Frey will probably not be available after apparently blowing his knee out , leaving us now scrambling for not one but two replacements at LB to fill in the void . Here’s hoping that maybe special team ace Shortill might be the answer for these two games as starting WILL LB .

Crash: What happens to a repeat offender?

In the case of Simoni where it was a flagrant penalty on the QB the answer is simple. Double the previous suspension.

And the Commissioner needs to make that clear at the time of the first suspension.

No other hits this year have been as bad as Simoni’s. Everyone realizes this except for a portion of the Ticat fan base. (Maybe even a majority of Cats fans, but not 100%.)

There are no previous serious infractions that have been let go

The max suspension is two games.
He can’t just make up a 4 game suspension.

Guess the CFL forgot about Odel Willis who is a repeat offender?

Best was it was overturned on review?

The Commissioner needs to resign.

Willis will get his next time, and there will be a next time with this guy!