If Simon is so good, why doesn't Lulay throw the ball to him more often? Or even Bruce?
We've seen in the past where the star player was a running back, the only one behind the q-back.
Even if Simon didn't catch the ball, he'd draw a penalty.
I like Lulay a bit, but Jackson gave the ball to Simon more often.

Most teams will double coverage Simon during a game.

Geroy's 5th in the league in catches and 2nd in yards. And considering no receiver in the league garners as much attention as he does, I'd say Geroy's getting the ball as much as you can expect.

I dread the day when he decides to call it a career. In my books he among the best Lions of all time both in ability and attitude.

Real community guy as well, very lucky to have guys on your team like him and in this league.