Best receiver in the league by a fair margin. Continue what you were doing before this interruption!

I'll give my two thumbs up for that. :thup: :thup:

I wear his jersey with pride.

I agree! G.Simon is the best WR the lions ever had....Go Lion's Go!

Yeah, we can keep comparing him to Mervyn Fernandez! :wink:

Geroy wears his heart on his sleeve and I got a chuckle listening to an interview with him on 1040. When asked for his thoughts on the game against the Ticats he hesitated and then said " was easy?!".

Now most would've given a run of the mill, cliched answer in an attempt to pretty things up, but not Geroy. He calls 'em as he sees 'em and I find that refreshing.

Here is to another "Easy game" in TO Geroy! Go LIons Go! :rockin:

Geroy is one of my best friends back home here in the states. I look at him as my brother.
I love reading about how much everyone appreciates what he is doing out there. He was the same way when we played High School ball together. He always seemed to be on another level when compared to everyone else on the field. Also, he is truly a team player and you can bet that he will give you all he has, every play! He is a leader for sure. And your right, what you see is what you get with him! Great job G!

I am very proud of him out there in the Cfl!


Hey, welcome aboard.

Not enough good stuff to be said about him....he's kinda our Superman around here.

Glad you joined in - don't be a stranger. :wink:

Is still the top receiver in the CFL.Easily a CFL hall-of-famer after he retires.Don't think any DB in the CFL can cover Simon.He's that good.