Looks to me he is developing a bad attitude :thdn:

I can't argue with you there, but I can understand his frustration. He doesn't seem to be the 1st or 2nd read very often anymore, but when he does get a pass he better start putting a better effort into making the catch. There were 2 passes today that he should have caught, yes there was tight coverage but the Geroy of last year would have come up with those catches.

Paris sure has stepped up in Geroys absence though, which is great to see.

These regular season struggles will be well-worth it for Geroy when he’s hoisting the Grey Cup in Toronto in November.

I find Simon is looking more for the pass interference call instead of making the catch. If he would make the catch, he wouldn't have to worry about the pass interference call.

Simon is a quality receiver so hopefully he will find his game.

Yes it seems someone stole his mojo. Simon is one if not the best receiver in the league. But something is definately wrong.

Watching Geroy on Sunday I saw him make a couple of rookie mistakes like running up field before securing the ball leading to an interception. I think Geroy is trying to hard to be good and it must be frustrating for him at the beginning of the season not to get the ball as much as he used to. But I think we will see more Geroy of old once he gets settled into the new offence and DD or BP are back in the QB slot.

Good observation 2005. Having seen all but 1 game, I can't put my finger on what it is. Some games he has drawn extra coverage, and that just opens things up for Paris Jackson. Man that guy has sticky fingers and can catch most passes thrown to him.