Simon to 9 game?

So, is he going to be 9 gamed before game 2?

Why, how bad is he? I don't see him on the 1-game yet.

he did not dress for practice and he and coaching staff have been pretty sheepish about the injury.
Sounds like it is his Hammy

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not a good sign

There is a reason Kierrie Johnson was suddenly injured and on the IR.

Ah, well it doesn't sound like a 9-game injury, more like a week to week thing, maybe 2 or 3 games tops. So I don't think he will be on the 9 game.

Let's just go over the rules here.

1 - players on the 1-game salaries count against the cap, players on the 9-game don't.

2 - players can be retroactively put on the 9-game as far back as they haven't dressed.

3 - A team can remove a certain number of players off the 9-game early (2 per season or something), but then the full salary counts anyways.

In the case of Geroy, they could 1-game him and then go 9 game, or 1-game and retroactively 9-game him in Week 2, but if they expect him back in even 4 games, then there is no point, as taking him off the 9-game would make his salary count anyways. Now if he was expected to miss at least 6 games, 9-game would make sense as they could save some decent salary. But if it's just a pulled hamstring, send him home in front of the TV for a couple weeks and see you in late July.

if it is the same injury as last season, I would say 6 weeks would be best case.

Geroy said he felt a tweak in the pre-season game, and instead of playing through and hurting it worse, he took the night off. Now with an injury like this, he likely will not fully recover, especially at his age. But if he is smart, which he is, he can be back and playing in less than a week if he didn't re-pull it and just tweaked it. I say he makes it to at least game 4-5, but will end up on the 9-game eventually.

Was back to Stoon to visit the folks and went to a couple afternoons of camp when I was there. Two players stood out big time, actually three. The first was Keirry Johnson (spelling?) The guy is by far the fasted thing out there and catch anything thrown at him. The second was Geroy, so smooth and again catch anything in his timezone, effortlesly. The third was Carr (receiver) . Lasiest thing out there, horrible route running and drop everything his way. Can't see him being around for too long. His height is a game changer though, so who knows. If he sticks, he will challenge Getzlaf for most drops in a season, guaranteed. Really want to see Johnson in there though.

Geroy's situation was buyer beware.

He'll be one game for now. This is too bad for all involved. I hope he can resolve his leg issue and be a consistent threat on office but I think we are just seeing the start of the fickle body of a 37 yr old receiver.

SIMON is finished- It was a known fact in BC that he was playing on REPUTATION alone and his legs were finished at 35. The old SIMON was very durable and would not get hurt.

SIMON should have retired at the age of 35 but the reality is where else is he gonna make 150k a year and not even have to play half the season as he will be hurt for at least 50% of the games- He will keep playing into his 40's until all teams realize he is finished-

I am a season ticket HOLDER and our entire section was pissed off when SIMON would be the main target on a staggering amount of plays despite the obvious fact that he was not getting open and had no speed- Every fan could see it clearly- Numbers dont lie-

Receivers usually retire at the age of 35-- IF TERREL OWENS has no interest at the age of 37 despite OWENS being in excellent physical condition and a workout guru, how can one expect the SKINNY and weak GEROY SIMON to perform with his undersized body that lacks any speed now?

GEROY is smart and will continue milking the CFL for years to come-

I tend to agree. I had and have mixed feelings on the signing, but must admit that what he brings to the younger guys is pretty valuable in itself. There are a few guys with big potential on the roster who are not meeting it, and I believe his presence could help them get there. If he has a great season, kudos, but I have a hard time believing he should have been paid over 120.

Depopulation I agree- Simon is worth 80k a season, prob what WALLY offered him- His production the last 2 years is not the production of a 150k salary-

He is a decent 3rd or 4th receiver but SIMONS ego is so big that he still believes he is the #1 receiver on the team, and what happens is because he ACTS that way with the cocky attitude he gets PAID that way-- Wally is smart, he didnt buy it and
showed SIMON the door, which SIMON was ok with it because SASK was there to pay his 150k salary that he was looking for-

WHY is SIMON playing? He says he has a lot to prove? LIke what? He has won 2 Grey Cups, has all the records, There is nothing left to accomplish except for PADDING the bank account before he retires-
Its simple and he will likely make at least 500-600k extra before he retires- He should have retired at 35 but will probably retire at 39 or 40.

170 actually, with potential bonus ringing that to up to 200

I must say I was fairly surprised when I went into the Co-op today to see that Geroy Simon had his own rider chips... What the heck?! No disrespect to his impressive career, but shouldn't a guy at least play a game here before he is getting all the endorsements? I said here:

Its really a no brainer though in terms of business with regards to SIMON.

In terms of Football salary and his PERFORMANCE on the field (if hes not injured) Simon is definitely not worth more than 100k per season-

But teams like the Riders will pay Simon 200k because its a GOOD BUSINESS decision. The Riders likely make 3 to 4 times his salary in other gains- Jersey Sales, Simon Corner Etc-

Even if SIMON is injured the entire year or Does not do anything on the field the Riders will still make more than his 200k salary easily- They are basically selling the GEROY BRAND- He has the #'s and to a strong FAN BASE in SASK they will support him and buy jerseys etc- Not surprised that SIMON is doing the Coast Capital thing because in BC he was doing the same thing-

Simon is more of a business man and he realizes his value to the community- In terms of receivers in the CFl he is the most WELL KNOWN receiver playing- There isnt even any other receiver who commands any BRAND VALUE that Simon does-

For TAMAN its a win win, because if SIMON does well on the field it helps the Riders win, perhaps a Grey cup-- This will also increase sales, demand for the Riders- Even if SIMON does what he did in BC which is nothing the Riders still make back way more than his 200k salary by using him as a marketing tool-

Simon was a business signing, everyone knows that SIMON is washed up and can no longer perform-

I will give you the benefit of the doubt and assume that you've been in the football coaching/scouting profession for at least a decade to be able to tell that Geroy was the primary target on all those plays in a pre season game. But tha evaerage fan does not have a clue as to how to see progressions develop on the field even with the assistance of replayed game film, so your claim that the ENTIRE SECTION could tell, proves that you are full of it.

Cool story brah. :roll:

The Salary Capis very low and the Riders knew that signing him would be a risk with a 37 year old Receiver with hamstring issues for almost the entire 2012 season. The Riders however are one team that can afford to eat his salary even if it is for thewhole season as long as it does not affect there ability to pay others which it will not with 9 game IR salaries not counting towards the Cap but if he can even play the second half of the season the same way in which he started the 2012 season the pay off will be huge. Being a well run profitable organization like the Riders pays off in a case like this where they are really good without him but with him could be unstoppable.
Another great perk comes from the Riders sponsors and supports as Simon was brought in with class as he was given a suite at the Hall Embasy suites for the season in exchange to be a spokesperson not a bad endorsement and certainly warranted for a player of his status.
Lets wait and see though he could be just fine and sitting out the first couple of games as a cautionary measure.

Well, Riders off to 2-0 start is great news as the Offense is playing well, thus the lineup going into Toronto should be much the same; if not a slight change/if at all. With that mentioned I feel/think Simon will play at home July 21 vs Hamilton.