Simon says............ I'M BACK!

The Canucks are sitting smart at the top of the league. One dead beat has left the provincial political scene- hopefully for good. His little minion henchman lost his cabinet position. My wife and I are looking forward to seeing the Lions play in the new jazzed up stadium and now the latest news is; The Simon IS BACK! Simon says do this. Simon says do that. Simon says do this and this and this.......Can life get any better?

Why yes....yes it can! The Lions can make it into the Grey Cup game! This is the first time we've purchased tickets for the Grey Cup Game and boy are we excited! We'll be ecstatic if it's the Lions we're cheering on. With Geroy catching those long bombs and Lulay getting better every game, it's going to be great seeing the team come together. I think we'll see a better team this year than last.

Superman's back. Classy, veteran leader that he is. He's probably lost a step but still a top flight receiver. As long Paris doesn't have a bad year, I think receiving will be good complemented with the younger guys.

HOUND - meet the new boss - same as the old boss . . .

Great news! My only concern is how many years does he have left. One for sure, 2 maybe. 3? I hope so.

Barring serious injury or totally falling off the map, Geroy will likely play long enough to eclipse Milt Stegall's records for receiving yards to sit #1 all-time. That will likely happen next year. Geroy's also gunning for another Grey Cup. :rockin: