Simon may or may not be back in 2014

CFL Headline:

Riders Non-Committal on Simon's return for 2014.

Long story short they are not going to pay him what they did last season.
Likely no one else will either.

Last season he also had a spokesperson deal that included paying for his housing at a furnished Suite for the season since he has roots down elsewhere

This is a tough one in the fact that the Riders have lost so many good players. That being said I don't think they should over pay for Simon either. I would hope they could strike a deal where his contract would be less then 150 K and more bonus heavy. If he has a good year then he will be paid for it but last year either he wasn't used in the right packages or was just over looked. When you pay the suggested 170k they did last year for him you need to get some high mileage out of it. That really didn't happen but I don't know if Simon was to blame for that. He can only catch what is thrown to him.
The Riders need to decide if they are going to use him as a key receiver or is he a more of a secondary one? If its the latter then I cant see them dishing out more then 100k and I don't know if he will stick around for that.
Ottawa may take his higher salary to build fan support. Although the Rider's i'm sure would like to see him stick around to stop the gnashing of fan's teeth with the losses we have suffered this off season.

3 thousand yard receivers and he was not one of them who could have guessed that altough he did miss the first few games. Having him back to help defend the Cup would be much preferred but he did get over paid last season to doo just what he did draw a lot of attention from defenses and come through in the big game.
It also seemed that when Willy played Simon became the goto guy.
You do make an interesting point about the Redblacks as well

I for one would love to have Simon retire here, and play for us next season, I think he still has some gas in the tank, and would still be an asset to the team. yes he needs to drop the salary into a respectable range and he may do so! He's been in this league long enough to know what he is really worth at his age!! JMO

I would agree with that. At this point probably only Ottawa would offer him more money but would it be enough more at this point of his career to play for a Grey Cup contender.
I guess questions would also be would playing for Ottawa give him endorsement oppuritunities like he had last year in Regina?
Will his 2013 endorsement/spokesperson deal still in place if he does come back to the Riders.

Don't guess what Geroy should be paid. It's kind of pointless.

He is a pro
We need experience at inside receiver (Weston is gone)
Dressing room leader in a year where there is a lot of turnover

Age 39
High salary and cap mgmt.

My quick glance at this..........there is a lot to lose. We've already lost an aweful lot (Sholy/Butler/Sheets/Dress).

I hope he is back. If it can work for both sides he will be back. Not for a minute do I see Geroy becoming a 75-95 catch guy? But if he can fulfill 55-75 (a 25% increase over last season), plus he brings so much leadership and knowledge to help others...........I hope he is back! We will have 1-2 rookies receivers.........Geroy is a perfect guy to look up to.

I agree. I think he is part of a plan that would have him on the team for 2 seasons. Going he did know that he would be heavily paid in the first season and that would not be possible in his option year.
He and Taman both knew this so I think a deal should be done

After what I read on the CFL site, it's 50/50. It will depend if they can come up with some kind of agreement, I hope they do, Simon has stated earlier he wanted to finish his career here, I hope he does!