Simon, Lions hoping for immediate impact from Global Draft

Your BC Lions are on the clock. And with the first overall selection in the 2021 CFL Global Draft comes a great opportunity to improve the club’s pool of prospects. For Director of Global Scouting Geroy Simon and the entire Lions brass, it also brings great pressure to land a player they truly think will become known for more than just his passport.

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Does anybody know where I can find a CFL Global mock draft?

Are they still doing this Global player thing? all teams have to put one of these players on their roster even though they will never get on the field?

Lot of global players have athletic ability. Guys over there running sub 4.40 times, benching over 20 reps, broad jumping over 10 feet.

Why not give them a shot before the NFL signs 'em up. See what they got. Coach them up and see what happens These guys are hungry

Who ever made this draft pick sucks. puts calgary at the bottom have to trade good players to have picks at the bottems. I would rather have Rodgers with no picks this year. We still got couple of good receivers from last draft. Idk man this draft pisses me off. Ham, sask and pig get to go first

Have to Agree with you Mike_D. Calgary are at the bottom of

I have to agree with you Mike_D. Something unsettling about Calgary getting 7th pick (first round) in the Global Draft plus getting 8th pick (First round) in the National Draft. Good thing that the Stamps have such great talented coaches and scouts. Because I'm pretty confident they can pick potential talented guys and develop the picks into great players. Despite what appears to be a handicap in the selection order.