Simon Fraser University Bound for NCAA?

This article in today's National Post reports that Simon Fraser University officials may know as early as this Friday whether their application to join the NCAA has been accepted. If accepted, Simon Fraser would become the first non-American school admitted membership to the NCAA. Their sports teams would continue to play in the CIS and NAIA for two more years before commencing play against NCAA Division 2 competition.

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I think that would be good for developing some good up and coming players. Better competition creates better players.

If the athletes want it and most everyone else, fine, go for it. However it’s a sad day in Canadian sports when a university basically says it couldn’t care less about playing for it’s own country national championship and getting their name on a trophy like the Vanier Cup for example. Personally, I think if that’s the way a school wants to go, fine, but cut the funding to the schools athletic programs, any government funding that is. My opinion.

I believe that Simon Fraser was the first
University in Canada to offer scholarships

and the first one to play football vs U.S. schools.

There decision to offer athletic scholarships
was very controversial in the mid sixties.

Not long after, there were lots of
Simon Fraser players on CFL rosters.

More recently, their football program fell on hard times.

I found this on a message board


Here is an excerpt…

For Simon Fraser, the desire to recapture the history
that stems from its location in Vancouver

just north of the U.S. border is
what has the university looking south.

“The history and culture of this place was built around
that strategic decision to enter into an American league,”

said Dr. Michael Stevenson, the school’s president.

Simon Fraser was constructed in just 30 months, the
so-called “instant university,” opening in 1965.

Athletically, the university never intended on playing in Canada,

joining the NAIA and playing Pacific Northwest
counterparts for more than 30 years.

In 1997, many of SFU’s competitors
left the NAIA for the NCAA’s Division II.

SFU wanted to follow, but the NCAA wasn’t willing to alter its bylaws.

After five years of independence, SFU moved its football,
men’s and women’s basketball, and volleyball programs to the CIS.

Cross country, track and field, softball,
swimming and wrestling still compete in the NAIA.

Simon Fraser, UBC, Alberta, the University of Regina
and University of Victoria are the only schools

to hold joint membership in the NAIA and the CIS.

SFU wants all of its programs back in the U.S., but
doesn’t envision ever looking at Division I as UBC might.

Good read Ron. hey, maybe Canada is an experiment doomed to failure in the long run as has been said.

My Question is if they Get NCAA Guys in Canada are they CFL Draft Eligible?
There playing in Canada Still Right???
This would really Change the CFL Draft..
This would Force other Teams like Mac who has great Stadium have to Join the NCAA to keep up..

One's draft eligibility is based on the player's citizenship status re import/non-import criteria, not where they played.

Free agents are free agents -- again as determined by the league.

American players at Simon Fraser in earlier times remained as import status for past CFL drafts. Only specific issues for each player could change that status, but those cases were looked at on a case-by-case basis by the CFL.

I don't see the CIS collapsing because one Canadian school would secure NCAA status. The talent pool is not a Mr. Turtle pool here, so life would go on. :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,

The CIS will survive without Simon Fraser. If they consider themselves to good to be Canadian then screw them. What does worry me however is having more Canadian Universities following them. That will kill the CIS.

I agree deerkeeper.

Its a shame they have the mentallity "If it aint American then it isn't any good." Hope MY TAX FUNDED POST SECONDARy FUNDING gets slashed as I shouldn't be subsidising a Univerisity that chooses to spend money outside of the country instead of spending patronizing businesses here.

They should learn from Obabama..... Buy Canadian, support Canadian!

I hope the traitors lose every game 90-0

Sanduskyohiobro where are you brother? How badly would Ohio spank them?

Yes they are still playing in Canada but only home games against NCAA teams. They are not going to move the whole university to the US for goodness sake.

It would not effect the draft at all. The CFL draft has been drafting Canadians out of NCAA schools for decades now. All that would change here is having more Canadians to draft from the NCAA. I think them doing this could one day allow another NI QB in the CFL again. I would imagine that at least the first few years they will get dominated even in div. 2.

It won't force other CIS teams to do anything as they will never even have a chance of playing them if they become NCAA.

Simon Fraser University was officially accepted into the NCAA (Division 2) yesterday. They will commence play in 2011-2012 in the Great Northwest Athletic Conference:

I don't know if SFU stopped recruiting top Canadian players after they joined the CIS or not, but they haven't been very good playing in the Canadian West. They did have some winning years in the NAIA though. It would appear that some of the top teams like UBC, Regina, Saskatchewan and Manitoba are Div II calibre already.
If UBC goes NCAA as well it could start a snowball effect with some of the stronger programs such as Laval and Western Ontario following suit. The CIS should get smart and make two divisons. Allow full scholerships to the big schools that want to, and let the rest continue as is in Div II of the CIS.