Simon Fraser should join the WAC.

Right now, the WAC is desperately seeking western teams.

Right now, Canadian players who are good enough to earn a scholarship to play division 1 NCAA football have to do so in the States.

These players would then have a Canadian team to embrace and play for.

Down the road, improved competition for the Canadian players at the amateur level could only improve the level of play in the CFL.

If they were division 1, they could easily recruit the west coast as well, to supplement the Canadian talent.

If you don't think that the WAC would consider such a move, you don't understand how desperate the WAC is to find western teams. Win win.

SFU has no football stadium and went winless against all GNAC opponents. Their only win came against UBC. They are in no position to be joining ncaa division 1. MAYBE this could be a long term goal, but really, not right now.

It will be tough for any canadian to be good on the ncaa division 1 level.For one are yall willing to pay a coach over a million plus a year,Build atleast a 60,000 to 110,000 seat stadium,upgrade millions of dollars in facilities,and recruit the usa which could be easy if you got the right coach....I think a canadian on divsion 1 isnt a reality at this point.

have to admit that I don't see it either, couldn't compete with the scholarship situation in the US and attract those types of players. To compete at that level. Mind you, our guys can at least spell their name though compared with most US scholarship sorts. :wink:

And that is what university should be for, not to raise pro athletes that don't know how to spell their own name. And get a free ride though university for their degree, no thanks.

No chance. In addition to the the total lack of facilities, SFU's athletic budget is pennies on the dollar in comparison to what most NCAA Div.1 teams spend on athletics. So unless SFU changes their athletic funding, or someone has a spare $100 million or so lying around this won;t be happening any time soon

Upgrades , big stadiums, and million dollar coaches don't make that much difference in producing quality athletes, The US is 10 times larger than Canada and it will allways produce more graduates than Canada, but Canada's system does work.

There are areas that need fixing ie U O T and York U are really weak programs and in the largest city.


BC Place Stadium

The WAC, starting in 2012:

Utah State: Division 1 bottom feeder with a poor budget

Idaho: Division 1 bottom feeder with a poor budget

San Jose State: Division 1 Bottom Feeder with a poor budget

New Mexico State: Division 1 Bottom Feeder with a poor budget

Texas State: In the process of upgrading to Division 1, specifically to join the WAC

UT San Antonio: hasn't played a single down yet. They are about to start a football program from scratch so that they can join the WAC

The only one that has played in a Bowl game this decade is Idaho

All of the good teams are leaving the WAC for greener pastures. They desperately need another western team to get to 8 so that they can continue to sponsor football. The 5 of us plus 6 of our friends could compete in the what will be left of the WAC. The WAC is not your typical division 1 conference. Simon Frasier would fit right in.

A little perspective:
The average athletic budget for a WAC school was about $20 million.
SFU's athletic budget wasn't even $4 million. They recently announced they are over $500,000 in the whole for this season and will be looking to pass along cuts to all of its teams. (which means even less money for each team). Also, when you consider SFU fields more teams in more sports than teams do in the WAC, the difference in spending becomes even more staggering. Playing in BC Place is laughable not mention expensive which would cost the program even more money. (money it does not have). This speaks nothing to the increased travel costs. Remember the school left the CIS because of travel costs. Making annual trips to far off places like Texas does not help things

In short it cannot; will not happen.