Simon Fraser football #148 out of 166

As if the NCAA has academic standards. If they think you're good enough you get a free pass, no problem. Charles Barkley will tell you straight up how easy class was at Auburn.

Considering that the majority of athletic programs in the NAIA are private institutions with higher academic standards than the public institutions, it's safe to say that your statement is incorrect.

I'm just passing along the info available on the internet from various football websites.

Also, there are probably other eligibility criteria unrelated to grade point averages (grades) that makes the NAIA a good temporary stop until a school can be fully NCAA in the future.

A private school doesn't have to dumb down their program. Their standards are much higher than NCAA/NAIA standards as a self-imposed policy.

So what's left? Stuff unrelated to grades that make NAIA a good fit...until....

Don’t kid yourself, my friend - - Division 1 football players are DEFINITELY getting paid and many are being paid very well.

Same thing happens in the CIS - - both for admission and eligibility.

If you’re ever in Toronto for an Argos game, I can tell you a few stories.

A handful get paid under the table and the rest get nada.

And if they get caught, the player is in far more trouble than the program.

It’s way more than a handful, my friend. WAY more.

When players get caught while still in school they’re suspended - - but the school gets punished even harder in the form of lost scholarships and being ineligible to play in bowls.

When players get caught after leaving school, there’s absolutely ZERO punishment for the players, but the schools still get crucified.

But the player gets suspended and loses valuable limited time to showcase himself (that time limited by the schools' eligibility rules) while everyone passes him in the scouting rankings. It's certainly a terrible risk.

Why can't the schools just pay the players ABOVE the table? Because then they'd be admitting that the players are worth paying and that their extracurricular sports programs actually are businesses and that the players actually are EMPLOYEES and not just students. The legal ramifications of that would be astronomical, followed by the finiancial ones once the NCAA players certify and demand (and get) a CBA.

It's a dirty business and it all has to stay secret so that it can stay dirty.

When SFU went back to an american football league, I remember hearing it was due to costs in the CIS at the time.
I remember someone stating back then, that going back to a US league, many of their football costs are covered or subsidized by the league. An example, travel costs would be covered.