Simon Fraser football #148 out of 166


This team is in the crapper right now.

I wish they'd reconsider playing in the NCAA and re-join USports. It would cut down on travel costs for UBC and allow for the Shrum Bowl to get back going. The Panda Game here in Ottawa shows how big such a matchup can become.


2005 Shrum Bowl, I was off work early and thought that I'd go. Weather was crappy. I didn't care. I was poor. I had 20 bucks in my pocket. I wanted to watch a football game. I went down to Swangard. They wanted 24 bucks! I thought what the hell is this? In 1999 I went to the west final U of S at UBC (amazing game) for $15 down at T-Bird stadium.

Anyways. I went home and listened to Shrum bowl on the radio. Jim Mullin (now prez of Football Canada) was doing the play-by-play. At one point he even ripped the organizers of the game, that there was basically no promo, no hype and no breaks on the ticket prices. He was appalled at the 'friends and family' crowd, like 300-500 people. I was listening to this and thinking, they COULD have had my 20 bucks if they had charged a reasonable price.

The game was a classic! It pissed rain and Swangard has no crowning so the field was a pond. The teams went up and down the field and Luca Congi kicked the winning FG in the last minute (might have even been a walkoff, I don't recall) from 40 yards out in the soggy conditions. SFU won something like 40-39.

But I'm all for ANYTHING anti-NCAA. NCAA is the worst institution in sports. It's horrible, anti-trust, ruining kids' careers while making billions off of their backs yet pay them nothing, and are the biggest detriment to the development to good football players.

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I have looked at Simon Fraser awhile back to see how they have done .

They are terrible it seems in both domestic and US leagues .

CIS record - 16 - 47 and 2

NCAA div 2 record - 16 - 84

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They are being paid and I might add, quite good.

The pros:

130 NCAA Div. I FBS schools = 85 max full rides/team
128 NCAA Div. I FCS schools = 63 max full rides/team
166 NCAA Div. II schools = 36 max full rides/team
239 NCAA Div. III schools = 0 full rides (but a lot of general scholarships go to the athletes)

97 NAIA schools = 24 max full rides/team

The student-athletes can earn a 4-year degree that is paid for and you can graduate without debt.

The cons:

You may blow out your knee(s), etc. and have trouble walking the rest of your life.

That being said no one is putting a gun to your head to play non-scholarship football with the risk of having knee problems, etc. the rest of your life. There's no shortage of players playing NCAA Div. III football.

Does USports have full rides or is it non-scholarship?

Not sure how that's ruining someone.

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Can't remember but at one time, Simon Fraser had a 12-man/3-down game in the middle of their NCAA season?

I take it that was too much for the Simon Fraser folks to do that and it was cancelled permanently?

That's not being paid. When Reggie Bush is making millions for USC and USC is selling his jersey with his name and Bush doesn't get a dime of it, that's called getting ripped off. And furthermore, if he even so much as talks to an agent, he gets blackballed. That's anti-trust. Why can't he talk to an agent? What are they afraid of? Perhaps that the players will start to realize what they are legally entitled to and start asking for it?

You got your wish -- NIL (name/image/likeness). That means video games will have another group seeking payment from their work which will have a negative effect on software developers to make NCAA football games, in a market that cannot compete with other video games.

Also, if the sport wasn't popular there would be no scholarships. There would be no gradual increase for schools to improve their facilities to become Div. I.

When you tax the rich like this, this will have the effect of having fewer programs.

There will never be fewer programs. If the NCAA weakens then there will be room for something to fill the marketplace. As of now they use tyheir hegemony to keep competition out. This is why there is no developmental league or farm system for football. Even Arena ball wobbles and wanes. If you really want to develop young players you need a farm system. A place where players can hone their skills for as long as their parent clubs feel it is worthy just like baseball and hockey. Football and basketball can't do that because the NCAA has the marketshare and won't give it up. Any new minor pro league goes up against that and can't make any money. That's why every time that it's tried it dies.

Baseball was the first true professional sport. Pros were usually frowned upon 120 years ago just not in America, so baseball was able to establish it's popularity professionally and form it's own developmental leagues. Hockey was similar as it grew regionally so the college game didn't progress so quickly nor spread so wide, so the minor pro system had room to grow. With football and basketball, those games' popularity started as college sports and so by the time that the games were professionally widespread the college system was heavily ingrained. In fact the NFL and NBA were less popular than college sports until probably the 50s and even later for basketball.

NCAA uses this as hegemony and they treat the players like cattle. The whole 'letter of intent' garbage that basically restricts players from playing in the best program for their development. A coach will promise 12 different kids that they will start at receiver for his program so all 12 sign letters of intent and are stuck there when only 4 of them can start. There's absolutely nothing to stop that coach from lying to the kids and ruining their careers before they start. Then they're stuck as a backup for 4 years and then they're done because you only get 4 years. Or if you get hurt in the first game of the year, there goes one quarter of your development time. And after that there is nowhere else to go because there's no farm league system. It's totally rotten.

You don't understand economics and people playing chess as laws are adopted.

The lower fringe Div. I programs will have to drop out of Div. I if more money is eventually required to be paid to student-athletes beyond their tuition voucher <I'm not talking about video games right now>.

Also, university and colleges are for learning. Football was a second thought. Ohio State administrators once voted to block Ohio State from playing in the Rose Bowl back in the Woody Hayes era.

If you want justice, start your own feeder league to the NFL. The problem is fans historically won't support it beyond the first few weeks of intrigue and the owners end up losing their shirts. Even with meager pay (NFL Europe, AAF, XFL) the project still has more money going out than in.

SFU was part of CIAU/CIS from 2001 to 2009 as their previous league (NAIA) folded.

CIS then booted them out when SFU joined NCAA Division 2.

2010 was the last time the Shrum Bowl was contested between UBC and SFU from UBC.

I believe SFU won that last contest.

Wow. Amazing that any group or anyone can be so stupid. A textbook example of exactly why U Sports or a wannabe NCAA school struggle. Thanks for sharing

Had nothing to do with the format of the game. The teams switched back and forth from Canadian to American rules on an annual basis.

Exactly. But that makes way too much sense so of course it can’t happen

I absolutely understand it.

Actually they are not for learning. They SHOULD be but they are not. They are for PROFIT and learning comes in second. A football program makes tons of money and that's all that the school cares about, and it's a rotten dirty business.

The reason that they won't support it is because after NFL (or often even BEFORE) they are already supporting OSU or Miami Canes or LSU or Bama or USC or Michigan or you name it. There's no room in the marketplace to start up a new feeder league. Even the NFL has tried and failed. NCAA knows this and will never let go of that market hegemony. Which I wouldn't mind so much if they gave the players a fair share of the pie, but they don't. They chew up kids and spit them out and don;t give a damn about them.

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The NAIA never folded. In fact, They're doing just fine.

Not aware that they still exist.

Trying to figure out why SFU left.

Were they thrown out or they chose to leave?

The NAIA has lower academic standards.

Yeah, if you can spell CAT once they spot you the "C" and the "T", you're in. LOL! This joke brought to by former Dallas Cowboy Great Hollywood Henderson in reference to Terry Bradshaw's IQ level

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