Simon Fraser and Buffalo Bills in Toronto

On the east coast the Buffalo Bills come to Toronto for a game.

On the west coast Simon Fraser joins the NCAA for 11-man ball.

What's the general consensus that you sense outside of this particular message board on what the will of the Canadian people appears to be as far as discarding the 12-man game?

Why discard it for an inferior version of the game?

Simon Fraser couldn't win in the CW so they join a 3rd or 4th rate US conference. Yeah, that makes sense. At least their travel costs are lower.

For SFU joining the NCAA actually makes a lot of sense. the Province of BC High Schools Football plays the 11 man game on a US regulation size field and uses US National HS Federation rules that is used by 48 of the 50 US states. So if SFU wants to recruit a vancouver kid or from somewhere else in BC they would have to sell the 12 man game to a province of players who play the US game

The British Columbia High School Athletic Association adopted NFHS 11 man ball? Wow! Hell froze over.

Did not know that happened.

I think the proper terminology would be an equally entertaining game.

I love them both to be honest with you.

Simon Fraser is at the Div. II level. CIS ball is equilvalent to NCAA Div. III.

If that's the trend, you would think BC would host a NCAA bowl game or NFL game of sorts in December since the 11 man has replaced 12 man.

Does both 11 man and 12 man high school ball coexist in BC or just the 11 man game?

just 11 for high school

4 downs is an easier game for the high school kids, not as much pressure on the qb and at a young age there is a lot of learning to do, they can just hand it off more. But to get to the best level of football, 3 downs is the way to go, tougher and more expected on each play on the offence. I personally don't know why the US doesn't switch to 3 downs for college and up to pro.

4 downs to me is like an 8 foot basketball hoops game compared with the 10 foot height of the basket. Eventually you make it harder to score.

by the end of their run was Simon Fraser was getting frequently beat by the best of Canada West, which in turn would get destroyed by Laval; the small number of teams in CIS makes assigning one division as a one size fits all very poorly considered, Laval and Toronto play in the same level of football but would be miles apart if both were in an NCAA structure

re Simon Fraser, they're a one-off due to the university's unique history re football and can't be considered representative of the rest of Canadian collegiate football, there's a restarted Canadian football team at Carleton this coming year (in Ottawa) and out Simon Fraser's way in British Columbia, UBC Okanagan, a Canadian junior football program currently, are going to start playing college football

This is written by the Canada West TV commentator Jim Mullin on Simon Fraser and how they're going with talent heading into 2013 (they're looking south instead of to B.C.):

[url=!/2013/01/sfu-fires-coordinator-cis-hires-new.html]!/201 ... s-new.html[/url]
Long-time SFU coach Dino Geremia has been released from his defensive coordinator duties at Simon Fraser University. It was the SFU grad's second go-round on the hill, and quite frankly he deserves better. I've been told that head coach Dave Johnson wants to "go American" with his paid coaching staff, and Geremia's passport didn't fit the bill. This will not be a popular decision in the local football community, as Geremia has been a tireless worker not just for the Clan but also for Football BC in various capacities.

The move reaffirms what many - including myself - insisted would happen to SFU in their transition to Division II. The shift to Great Northwest Athletic Conference has led to more opportunities for American coaches and players and a lower profile for Canadians.

The first position to fall was the quarterback spot, as Johnson went cross border shopping in Seattle for current starter Trey Wheeler. His backup is Oregonian Reece Hack. Both Ryan Schwartz (Alberta) and Greg Bowcott (Langley Rams/UBC) saw the writing on the wall and left the hill looking for opportunity to develop elsewhere. But it doesn't stop there. In all, 18 players recruited from Washington, Oregon and California were on last year's roster and you can expect that to increase in 2013.

Prominent BC players on the roster like Keynan Parker and Lemar Durant would seem to have the stamp of approval since they are D1 transfers.

The school and the Clan alumni have made the choice to funnel precious dollars into international tuition for these players which they are free to do. It's up to Canadian recruits to see how they fit into a diminishing role within the new reality at Simon Fraser.

As predicted when SFU was being shown the door by the Canada West and CIS, the original idea of founding coach/athletic director Lorne Davies is being flipped on its ear in regard to football.

In 1965 Davies quite rightly wanted to put a halt to the siphoning of Canadian talent southward via scholarships, in an era where CIAU schools offered no financial aid at all. His motto was, "Canadian education with American competition". It was so successful that SFU was a national destination for top talent and became an assembly line to stock the rosters of CFL teams. When Canadian schools started to phase in financial support for student athletes SFU's dominance on the recruiting landscape began to fade. When they used the CIS as a 'port in a storm' when there was no US competition available, it was clear that the upper echelon of Canadian teams had passed them in terms of developing players.

In an effort to revive the good old days, SFU launched themselves back into American waters with the ethos of the manifest of the 1960's. Heading into 2013 Davies' motto can be rewritten. SFU Football is for "American students against American competition, with a Canadian education and a local supporting cast along for the ride".

as far as the Bills, I'll bet any takers $1000 that there will be no pro football team stationed full-time in Toronto until there is one in Los Angeles; second, when the NFL talks international expansion, they talk London, not Toronto

If there was a very rich owner and Toronto or a rich nearby Suburb or County and Onario Province willing to build a billion dollar retractable roof stadium. There is not so any NFL talk can be put to rest in Canada. There is already a very strong NFL fan base in Canada and several teams close to the Border for people to follow and call their team as well as make a reasonable drive to a game.
Hockey and the NHL rule the day in Canada and there has been no shortage of investment in top of the line Arena's being built for current teams or for the return of a team

There is zero chance ONtario would help fund a stadium for Nfl team.

exactly my point. No stadium no team ever.
The NFL is sitting pretty. There demand to move a team to your city is a Billion dollar stadium. You dont build one and they will not come and that includes LA

Even if a team said we want to move to Toronto but we need a new stadium that will cost $500 million the backlash Ottawa and Ontario would face funding a stadium for a Nfl team would be massive and could have a huge factor on the election.

I think they are realizing that now in Toronto, unless it's for an Olympics, forget it. Now I think Rob Ford has the right idea, get a nice 30,000 seater built for the Argos and that'll be great, keep them in the game to keep on winning the most Grey Cups of any city.

Ford has to walk a very fine line he can't keep asking for public money over and over now sure he as of yet has not said he wants public money for the stadium but if he does and the gov says no then the chance of a stadium become that much more complex.

The Argos have stated that they are looking into a stadium in municipalities outside Toronto in the Suburbs. A few have the population that are about the same as Hamilton. Do any of these have the $$$ to put towards a stadium to be placed into there Municipalities ?

If they can find a city or town not part of Toronto they might have a better chance of landing public money take Markham i could be wrong but i don't think its falls under Toronto now they bad thing is Toronto would get nothing out of this and Ford would have no control but for the fans and team it might work out for the best.

Some years ago, a few NCAA Division 3 teams played exhibition games against Québec senior teams. Most of the games were close. The majority of CIS teams would have hammered those Québec senior teams and their Division 3 opponents, which leads me to believe that most CIS football teams are of NCAA Division 2 calibre. A team like Laval could probably hold its own in the NCAA FCS.