Simon fined??

He got fined by the league for not wearing RBK gloves and shoes. While I understand the CFL has a contract with RBK but shouldn't they give a warning first and then fine?
Anybody know more details on this?

[b]How can the league stipulate that every receiver must wear the same type of gloves? Talk about undemocratic. If I could I would advise Geroy to wear the gloves he prefers and to hell with the monkey-brained idiot who fined him. Let's think this through: if Buck Pierce can use a different helmet than other QBs in this league, why are these gloves sacrosanct? This is all about some corporate control freak getting his logo on TSN four times a week during the season and playoffs.

What's next? Maybe we could get every player to wear the same brand of shoes. Or the same underwear. How about the official jockstrap of the CFL? While we're at it, let's make all of the players eat the same thing, each meal, every day. Let's make the ball shaped like a big Tylenol, or a WestJet plane. Let's make all the head coaches wear Propecia logos on their chests. While we're at it, lets put big ads on the footballs, for example:


Let's stop these stupid fines and let our star players use what works best for them!

Dooger in Surrey 8)[/b]

I think you'll find that NFL players are also bound to wear the equipment of NFL sponsors as well. If they don't wear the specified brand then they must cover up the logo. Perhaps Geroy simply didn't cover the logo on his non-Reebok equipment.

Where did you read this? Do you have a link to an article?

From the Washington Post dated August 2006:

Bush Fined for Shoe Brand

New Orleans Saints rookie tailback Reggie Bush was fined by the league for wearing an unauthorized brand of cleats with visible logos during the team's preseason opener.

Bush wore Adidas cleats. NFL players are allowed to wear only Nike, Reebok or Under Armour cleats with visible logos during games because of sponsorships. A player can wear a different brand if he chooses but must cover any logos with tape.

Bush reportedly was fined $10,000 but apparently plans to appeal.

The SImon fine was in today's Vancouver Province.

Well a league that doesn’t quite have the advertising power like the NFL, any advertising deals they can make on a bigger scale is always good for the league. If it is true that players are allowed to wear competitors equipment with the caveat that they hide the logo or name seems like a decent compromise. I see no problem with the league imposing like this, because they don’t want those advertising dollars walk away because one player doesn’t want to use their equipment.

This is good for the survival of the league and the players should suck it up as those advertising dollars go in part to feed their salaries.

well here's hoping when the league fines Jamal Richardson for not covering his large NIKE logo on his cleats ( claerly visible in the 2nd half when he blew a shoe and sat on the turf to put it back on) th Al
's fans get to complain too

oh what...they won't fine him?....oh right the Al's are the CFL Flagship fanchise.

Of course the Alouettes is a flagship franchise this year. They won all their 8 wins to date without help from the referee...

Uh, Herc, buddy, don't open that can of worms.

If I had a dollar for everytime the Als' DBs and Safety's used WWE takedowns on the Lions receivers in the Sunday game (and didn't get called), I would have enough money for a nice Keg dinner.

They were thugs.

Yeah, and if I get paid for the non-call when Calvillo was hit when he was clearly down, I'll buy you the prime rib and lobster tail myself.