Simmons Says in the Toronto Sun

I don't usually bother with Simmons column in the Sun, he is just as annoying as Scott Radley, and just as humourous (not). Part of his headline caught my eye and I had a look. Just remember whence it came!

From his column;

"The Hamilton Tiger-Cats are a team divided. Half the team can't stand new quarter back Casey Printers, the other half merely dislike him.."

This is the first I have heard of anything along this line, anyone else heard rumblings of this sort?

this is ridiculous
I have heard Nothing about this …

Steve …who?

Makes good print for Argo fans who feel rejected by Casey.

Just like the Fan590 guys picking on Danny Mac’s TSN commentary,

They never got over him and Flutie choosing us over the all mighty them.

casey printers has been called alot of things… a team player isn’t one of them .

dont belive it at all. when you watch the games you can see him on the sidelines talking to everyone. this is a joke that they would even say that

I wouldn't believe it totally, but I wouldn't dismiss it 100% either. He probably would know more than we would. And I don't think the Toronto media is always out to get anyone associated with Hamilton.

Simmons is such an insider its scary, but laughable.

After three weeks???


All the players at Hess Village seemed to really like him two weeks ago.

Is there any facts in the article?

Uhh… from simmons??? probably not.

Who cares what Simmon says anyways!!! I dont care if there is any truth to that. The fact is Casey wants to win, hes trying to spread a winning attitude to a team that hasnt had success in a long time. I think anytime a team has had a losing record as long as the Ticats have had. Players will be upset and angry. Im not saying there PO`d at Printers but when the cats start winning and Printers proves to be successful we will be hearing more stories about the comraderie of the players rather than dislike.

Looks to me as if Simmons and Marty York are twins separated at birth. The guy has nothing reliable to say, and everything he writes is coloured by his need to provoke debate and buttress his status as a writer. He will say anything to get attention. Grain- of-salt time, me hearties!

No, Drexl. It was one of those
Scott Radley type comedy pieces.

A montage of witless comments
loosely connected to sports

which are really nothing more than
attempts to elicit a few chuckles.

Ron, you are so correct, witless attempts by both scribes to try and be insiteful and funny, yet failing at both. Even when they try to write serious articles, they manage to come up short.

Anyone who saw him cheering the guys on from the sideline during the Calgary game wouldn't say he wasn't a team player. I've seen no evidence that he is not a team player since he got here and I was a little worried that he wouldn't be based on past comments and behaviour.

borehamgirl wrote:

Anyone who saw him cheering the guys on from the sideline during the Calgary game wouldn’t say he wasn’t a team player. I’ve seen no evidence that he is not a team player since he got here

That is true.

Since Printers has been in Hamilton. Ive seen him constantly supporting the team. Urging players to make the right plays, clapping his hands and cheering on the team. He has been a true team player since he has been in Hamilton. Im just hoping his attitude will rub off on the other players.

Who cares what simmons says?? How does he Know the personal feelings of hamiltons Players.?? this is as bad as the enquirer, Consider the Fact that Simmons has used his Articles in the sun as a platform to ridicule and debase the CFL for over 20 years, There are no facts that he is reporting ONLY his own personal(or his bosses) agenda, thru his own personal gab column for nfl wannabees in T .O - IMHO the CFL left Simmons behind a long time ago. IF there are unhappy players in the ticats locker room, then they wont be around for very long . Printers is signed like it or leave!! :cowboy:

FYI being a team player isnt about cheering on your team from the sidelines. Its about what goes on behind the scenes, and whether he's concerned about himself or the good of the team.
I get a sense from him that he thinks a little too highly of himself and that he believes that he IS the team. In the little he has played so far, i noticed a trend. Sure he'll make the big running play, but 2 plays later when he tries to keep and run it again, he fumbles, or turns the ball over. 1 man will not win you anything, and if Printers thinks he can just carry the team on his back, he's severely mistaken.
Perhaps someone should remind him that he got cut in the big leagues and has been relegated to the lowly ticats.

But Printers WAS cfl mvp. :stuck_out_tongue: after reading about the big leagues - I hope the cfl challenges the nfl to a game some day, Until then the nfl hasnt proven anything to convince me they are better than cfl.

I don't want this to turn in to an NFL vs. CFL debate, but you are right. There is nothing that says the NFL is better than the CFL. It is just a matter of perception.

The NFL generates more money via television contracts and the general size of the American population and therefore gets more media coverage. And uninformed people tend to be easily affected by the media. But in terms of the actual quality of play on the field. It is close and almost impossible to compare the two games.

Who is a better driver? Jeff Gordon or Michael Schumacher? Any racing fan would tell you it is impossible to compare them even though they both are drivers.

As for the perception of Casey Printer's by the media. I think his confidence (borderline cockiness) is something that this franchise desperately needs. Someone who has the confidence in himself to win, someone who has been successful in the past and can really change the face of this franchise through his play on the field and his ability to attract free agents players off of it.

If he rubs some people the wrong way in the locker room, do I care? Not really. Just run your route and squeeze the ball. (I am looking at you Mr. Ralph and Mr. Bauman) The rest will take care of itself when the "W" is posted at the end of the game.

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