Simmons out for season

I just heard on the radio that Simmons is out for the season :frowning: ... not the 3 - 4 weeks as first thought.... turns out he needs reconstructive knee surgery... looks like Myers will most likely take his place

......Mike Myers?........jk.......too bad for simmons, never like to see that no matter how rough this sport gets.....

yeah it is too bad... he looked like he was on his way to a pretty decent year... Myers looks good too... but is not as big of a target as Simmons.... but is a touch faster... so lets hope his speed gets him open

Tony Simmons was looking to have a great year and there is no consolation in going down as he did. Very tough for a guy in his business. I really hope for him that this does not end his pro career as I am sure that this was just the beginning of some great years in the CFL. I sure hope this works out for him and his career either in football or outside of it.

He did make a great catch on that play despite the injury which showed a lot of toughness.

Pierce-I learned a lot about perseverance. Things aren’t always going to go your way. I’ve become so much more aware of the realities of the game and life…Things can be taken away from you. You can either sit back…or overcome it and fight through it....

Too bad for Simmons. I was excited to see more of him this season. I think he could have been a good contributor on this team. Hope he has a good recovery and returns for next season.

He was one of our best Recievers. Hopefully Myers will be able to rise to the occasion.

I was never more excited about an import reciever signing... and believed he was going to do tremendous things for our team. I thnk we had only seen the tip of the iceburg. While very disappointed becuae Simmons brought experince, size, speed, and toughness to the table I can only hope that his reconstructive knee surgery is a total success and he returns to his previous form next season.

In the meantime Myers had an excellent training camp. He's smaller and less experienced than Simmons but he's also tough, fast, and runs good routes.

That is sad. When we saw the replay on the big screen, my wife had to turn away because of how it looked when his leg went forward like that. As soon as I saw him go down, I knew it was his knee, and I was pretty sure he was gone for the season. I had hoped I was wrong, but now...

I hope for his sake that his knee is fully repairable, and that he won't lose any of his abilities...he is damn impressive.

Ifeel deeply for Simmons, when we saw the replay on the big screen, it was too painful, and i won't watch the replay again on tv when they show it. He was also getting to know DD well and he was always finding him. I hope that his surgery goes well and he is back ready to start again next season. It is a hard job for Meyers to fill his shoes, we will soon see if he can do it.

awwwww cry me a river , you big babies

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Anywayz, i just heard...damn! he was having a great season. To go down like that...there is alwayz next year...but damn!...I really feel sorry for this guy...i hope he recovers soon...

time for Myers to shine...

When you suffer an injury like that, you can talk...until then...

Blitz is spot on Tony Simmons' abilities from the few games I saw and also some practice times.

I can't believe anyone would come on here and make light of this. Tony Simmons like other guys playing in the CFL or sitting on practice rosters work hard at their sport and few in the CFL other than QBs will make the big bucks that justify putting their bodies on the line every day and knowing that you could be as close to a career ending injury as the next play.

Maybe it is not meant to be a hurtful comment but I am sure if Tony Simmons read this or any other player in the CFL, they'd feel the same feeling of disgust as I did when I read that type of comment. At this time, it is not about what team you support as no one who plays football at any level wants to see someone hurt like this.

If it was meant as some light hearted banter, then this is the wrong thread as this guy is facing a major injury that could end his career not to mention how hard it is to rehab and come back at the same time put food on the table.

hmmm.... let's see.... in another thread you posted this.... :

quite the double standard there eh?... saying we're babies cuz one of our recievers is gone for the season... yet you whine about your team missing players... and using that as an excuse for why your team lost... we know you're only 16 and that you have a lot of learning and growing up to do... but damn man... keep your 'effin pie hole shut if you're just gonna rag on others for something you yourself have done in the past.

Why do you reply to this moron?

i dunno...... i was pissed off at the time and therefor not of the clearest mind... didn't really think about it... just reacted to it... :lol:

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That was one ugly injury. You wonder even after a year of rehab how strong that knee will really be.

As for RunNealon Run.... Just ignore him. Most of his posts don't make sense.

after hearing he walked out of bc place that night. i thought for sure he would miss 3 or 4 games. its a shame to lose a great player like simmons. but watching the reply on the screen that night. it was hard to watch, i cant even imagine the pain he suffered on the field. fast recovery Simmons, hope he can make it for Grey Cup :wink:

My guess...RUNnealonRUN is one of those guys who enjoyed seeing s**t dumped on Macallum's lawn last year.