Simmons finally writes a positive article about the CFL !!

Well, Kind of !

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I like his final sentence - good advice "why not pack the place on Sunday"

If nothing, at least Simmons is honest regarding his anti-CFL sentiments...

[b]I know this must sound funny, coming from me, career CFL critic,[/b] hoping for better in this market. But I feel we’ve all been trampled on long enough. You can only lose so long before it eats away at your love of sports. And live events, even in these days of HD televisions, are still live events.

Being a critic doesn't make him anti-CFL. Is a movie critic anti-movie or a food critic anti-food? Yes, Simmons has written negatively about the CFL before, but so has Stephen Brunt and that guy narrated a video about Ivor Wynne in exchange for 2014 season seats and a jersey. I don't know why we CFL fans tend to focus on the negative, but the only thing I can think of is that we want validation for our love of the CFL. Frankly, I find that silly. There are a lot of people out there who write about the league glowingly, so those are the people we should concentrate on.

Simmons gig is bombast.
The oldtime guys were much better at it.
Hunt killed twice a week, three times a column.
Everyone that watches a good CFL game is pulled in.
Resistance is futile.
Even a bonehead like Simmons can see the CFL is the most exciting brand of sports on the continent.

By his own words,Simmons stated that he is a career critic of the CFL.
This entails that the reporter is not fond of the CFL.

for instance, If I stated that I am a lifelong critic of the NFL, what does this imply?
It conveys an aversion or dislike of the NFL.

It does not signify that I do not enjoy the game of football, just antipathy towards the NFL type of game.

Sports reporters are “career critics” of all teams and leagues, it’s part of the job description, just like academics are in their field, they see what is out there and try and make a name for themselves and do one up, which in essence is what a critic is. The ultimate academic proves and writes what others failed to see or saw the other way. Of course, sports isn’t as important and it’s more fluff writing really unless it’s more detailed work like the Engraved on a Nation series or getting behind personalities and finding out life stories of players and how they may interact with the community say, coaches etc that have more meanings that just the sport itself or league.

Steve writes, I’m sure, about how bad the Leafs are etc. as well and NHL wrongdoings going to places like Phoenixe etc.

I don’t think even he wants anyone to take him too seriously, as I say it’s only sports.

Earl wrote: Steve writes, I'm sure, about how bad the Leafs are etc. as well and NHL wrongdoings going to places like Phoenixe etc.
that may very well be true, however has Simmons ever stated that he is a CAREER CRITIC of the NHL, or NFL etc etc?

He may not like or agree with certain team decisions or direction, although to my knowledge, never stated he was a career critic of an entire league, except the CFL.

I don't know tangle but I wouldn't worry too much, he's just pulling the strings to get people going, he wants CFL fans from everywhere to read.

And maybe we can take it as a compliment, he actually follows the entire CFL, all teams, whereas in the NHL say it's basically just the Leafs, maybe. :wink:

Again, no need to take him too seriously or any other sports writer that doesn't do more intensive documentary type articles or pieces. And that goes for any league.

It is the Toronto Sun. What else would you expect but CFL bashing? Perhaps with Godfrey gone," the NFL is god" mentality has lessened. I don't read the Sun and never will. You know that a paper is Mickey Mouse when they give you a free box of crayons with every subscription. :lol: :lol: :lol:

Pat Lynch(the old guy)

I don't follow sports news in the newspapers much but I've heard that the Toronto Sun covers the Argos pretty good actually.

Pat - you are wrong! How do you know that they CFL bash when you said you never read them. The Sun has consitent better CFL coverage than the two Red Star papers in Hamilton and Toronto. They also have more CFL articles than the Star and the Toronto Globe and Mail.

read an weep, Pat! by the way I just checked the Star on-line and no CFL coverage today.....................

8) You are right, "mikem", the Toronto Sun gives great coverage of both the Argos, and the TiCats as well !!
   You can actually read about stuff regarding the Cats, that you never even hear about in the Spectator.    <!-- s:oops: -->:oops:<!-- s:oops: -->

S.S. has been- bashing the CFL for 30? years, He's to good for the CFL in his world, but what he failed to appreciate was the potential for the Argonauts to sell out every home game and that the Argos would be equal financialy with nfl teams.
IF S.S. wants a reason for TO,s sports record he should look in a mirror, along with most of Torontos to good for the CFL media

simmons is a douche....plan and simple....he knows nothing about sports and his opinion is worthless.....

Gee Mikey, you seem very sensitive about this subject. I hope that I haven't upset you. Remember to colour inside the lines. :lol: :lol: :lol: