Simmons Favorite/Least Favorite Argos all time

the latter is shocking to say the least...

My favourite Argos, in no particular order: 1. Mel Profit; 2. Dick Thornton; 3. Pinball Clemons; 4. Marv Luster; 5. Terry Greer.

My least favourite great Argo: Doug Flutie

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I'm going to guess, like most reporters who dislike players who played when they were covering them, that Flutie didn't give Simmons the type of access he felt he deserved. Just look at how many in the media are ripping Marshawn Lynch right now. You don't give these guys access and they turn on you. Not all of them, of course, but the petty ones (and Simmons strikes me as a petty guy) are sure to hold grudges. Oh well. In 50 years, Flutie will still be a legend we tell our grandchildren about and Simmons will be long forgotten.

that is what happened to pavel bure in Vancouver.....damn media

That's funny coming from Steve Simmons whose my least favourite sports colunmnist of all-time, eclipsing even Steve Brunt and Marty York. My favourite columnists were Jim Hunt, Jim Taylor and Jim Kearney. :thup:

It's Steve Simmons,like anyone really cares about his opinion :roll: ,like the lady in red says....................

Flutie wasn't popular when he was in Calgary, either with the media or his teammates.

Mel Profit, have his book on the shelves, have to get it out and take a peek again. One of the greats of Argo history no question. And RIP "Tricky" Dick, another great one.

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that's bull about his teammates.

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Many of Flutie’s old CFL teammates seem to describe the years they shared with him as the most fun they ever spent playing football. Legendary Argos running back Michael (Pinball) Clemons calls Flutie his all-time favourite teammate.

“Doug had physical and mental excellence merging at the same time, and that doesn’t happen for athletes very often,? Clemons said. “He could instill a huge level of confidence in everyone around him because we knew how intelligent he was and how much harder he had studied than anyone else.?

He does admit to being focused on getting back to the NFL in his early years, which might have rubbed some the wrong way, but he would hardly be unique in feeling that way.

So yeah, I doubt the guys who played with him had a real problem with him, especially since winning helps an awful lot. But I could totally picture members of the media not liking him if he didn't cater to them. Especially anyone employed by any of the Sun papers. Some of the Sun guys here in Ottawa are outright embarrassing. (Some = Don Brennan)

As the gridiron football landscape has evolved, it is pretty much accepted the players both International and National goal is to get to the NFL. However, this is going both ways now with free agents again both International and National also crossing the border from the NFL to CFL as well.
For every CFL free agent that has started their careers in the CFL for a few season's and hitting the NFL radar.
There many more who have started in the NFL as a roster and/or PR player are also coming to the CFL after a few season's in the NFL
Unlike the other top pro sports; NBA, NHL, NBA; there are several other high level leagues around the world which these leagues have to scout and expand the pool of players.
For Gridiron Football really only the NFL and CFL exist.
So for the NFL, Canada is the only other pool of players that they are beginning to tap into at greater volume than ever now. With no more NFLE and a downgraded AFL, CFL for both National and International players are the main other pro league option to scout. CIS as well has transformed into a much higher level of play over the past 10 plus years has also become an additional pool of rookies.
With a ever increasing number of CIS players being scouted and coming to the NFL. Many of those players who have signed with the NFL as PR player working towards a roster spot as well as some now earning roster spots. Many of these players are beginning to return to the CFL after a few season's.
The 3rd league in the mix is the AFL. A tier 2 league in the US has become prime scouting league for CFL international players. At this point with these leagues in place and a very Healthy CFL now, the NFL has no interest in having its own developmental league. The NFL has taken the route of a pretty good paid roster of PR players.
Opposed to having a developmental league the NFL has raised their PRs to 10 giving the NFL 320 players who are developing and stain in football shape each season

No it's not. I spoke personally to three of them who used to work out at World Gym south when I lived in Calgary. They were not fond of him and neither was his O-Line.

nobody is liked by everyone. so you spoke to only three, who most likely lied about the rest. Doesn't mean squat

Believe what you need to believe FYB. The three I spoke to were prominent players. Flutie was not well-liked.